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Friday, April 24, 2015

 11:06 AM 

Walker heads to Iowa

Gov. Scott Walker's first stop on his weekend trip to Iowa is over the noon hour today in Cedar Rapids, his political group said. 

He'll be at the Cedar Rapids Marriott with U.S. Rep. Rod Blum for a meet and greet with local activists. 

Walker will then be at the Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon this evening to be the keynote speaker for the Northwest Iowa Republican Fundraising Dinner. 

His plans for Saturday include a stop at the Machine Shed in Urbandale to meet local activists at an event for U.S. Rep. David Young in the early afternoon before addressing the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition spring kickoff in Waukee that night. 

Walker was in Minnesota Thursday. 


 11:02 AM 

Scott Walker Friday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker's trip to Minnesota, his travel costs and more on immigration in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- AP: In visit, Walker discounts idea Wisconsin lagging Minnesota

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker defends Wisconsin economy in trip to Minnesota

- Capital Times: Minnesota Democrats slam Scott Walker during trip across the border

- WCCO Minnesota: Scott Walker Makes Unannounced Visit To Minn. Capitol

- AP: Walker's political group says it will reimburse state for travel costs

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker security detail travel costs won't be paid for by taxpayers

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker's political group says it will repay security travel costs

- Daily Caller: Scott Walker Backed EB-5 Visas for Rich Chinese Immigrants

- Bloomberg: Walker Once Gave Jeb Bush's Brother Campaign Advice

- Des Moines Register: 10 things to watch for at Faith And Freedom

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: On campaign trail, Walker sheds light on influence of faith

- Politico: Rubio takes lead in Sheldon Adelson primary

- AP: 2016 presidential candidates are serial name-droppers, hoping for gilt by association


- Jazz Shaw: Scott Walker, the media and "anti-immigration" rhetoric

- Matthew Boyle: John McCain Leads Liberal Republican Attacks On Scott Walker's Immigration Stance

- MJS editorial: Gov. Scott Walker's shifting views on immigration

- Sumaia Masoom: Scott Walker's War on the University of Wisconsin

- PolitiFact: Scott Walker says Americans will spend more on taxes than on food, housing and clothing combined


Thursday, April 23, 2015

 11:55 AM 

Scott Walker Thursday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker's stance on legal immigration, his upcoming trip to Iowa and a new poll suggesting trouble at home are featured in today's WalkerWatch2016 headline roundup.


- Washington Times: Scott Walker: There should be limits on legal immigration

- Des Moines Register: Iowans eager to see Walker, but wary of possible shifts

- Des Moines Register: Scott Walker's statements, then and now

- Des Moines Register: Some in Iowa question Scott Walker's Kohl's story

- Bloomberg: Scott Walker Defends Wisconsin Subsidies to Kohl's

- Des Moines Register: Walker says he was 'surprised' by Koch's hint he's the favorite

- Capital Times: Americans For Prosperity board member: Koch brothers' pick for 2016 'far from settled'

- Superior Telegram: Survey: Most Wisconsinites don't want Walker to run for president

- Fox 11: Walker back in Wisconsin, balancing state and national interests


- Benjy Sarlin: Scott Walker's turn against legal immigration shakes up 2016

- Max Ehrenfreund: Scott Walker's skepticism about immigration is a big reversal

- Ann Coulter: Scott Walker Is 'Smoking Out the Cheap Labor Hacks' on Immigration

- Heather Digby Parton: Scott Walker is now toast

- Alex Altman: Why Scott Walker's Immigration Flip-Flop Could Hurt

- Jamelle Bouie: Scott Walker's Anti-Immigration Epiphany

- Howard Kurtz: Scott Walker's press avoidance plan -- can copying Hillary's approach really work?

- John Dickerson: Senators Need Not Apply, Do Republicans really think governors make better presidents?

- Paul Rosenberg: Scott Walker, forever tarnished

- Ross Douthat: Scott Walker vs. the World

- Craig Gilbert: Declining approval back home could complicate a Walker presidential bid

- Alan Talaga: Walker's Wisconsin approval rating doesn't matter ... much to his presidential bid

- Christian Schneider: Marco Rubio: The Paul Ryan candidate


 9:39 AM 

Walker slips to third in latest Quinnipiac poll of national Republicans

Gov. Scott Walker was third in the latest Quinnipiac University survey of national Republican voters after leading the pack last month.

Marco Rubio was favored by 15 percent of respondents in the latest poll, followed by Jeb Bush at 13 percent and Walker at 11 percent. No one else cracked double digits.

A month ago, Walker was at 18 percent, while Bush was next at 16 percent. Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee were tied for third at 8 percent each.

The latest poll was conducted after Hillary Clinton, Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul officially announced their candidates for the presidency.

Rubio fared best against Clinton in the latest survey with the former secretary of state at 45 percent to 43 percent for the Florida senator.

She led Walker 46-41.

Among national voters, Walker had a 24 percent favorable rating and 21 percent unfavorable rating; 54 percent didn't know enough about him to form an opinion.

The survey of 1,353 registered voters was conducted April 16-21 using live interviews over land lines and cell phones. The margin of error was plus or minus 2.7 percentage points. The survey included 567 Republicans, and that sample had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.

-- By JR Ross


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

 11:23 AM 

Scott Walker Wednesday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker tacks right on immigration, conservatives condemn John Doe raids and more on the Koch brothers and Walker's wardrobe in today's headline roundup.  


- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker suggests limiting legal immigration

- Capital Times: Walker's legal immigration comments raise doubts among Republicans

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker to headline voucher school summit

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker to keynote voucher school summit

- NBC: Scott Walker's Style Concerns Some Republicans

- Politico: Scott Walker's foreign-policy adventure

- Time: David Koch Explains Why He Likes Walker

- Des Moines Register: Charles Koch: We like 5 GOP candidates in primaries

- CNN: Can a Jos. A Bank suit win the White House?


- Jennifer Rubin: A Scott Walker shift on legal immigration?

- Matthew Boyle: Liberals Sputter As Scott Walker Proposes Bold New Immigration Platform

- W. James Antle III: Why Scott Walker Moved Right On Immigration

- Keith Brekhus: GOP Xenophobia In Full Swing As Scott Walker Now Wants To Curb Legal Immigration

- Scott Shackford: Inside the Raids and Investigations that Targeted Wisconsin's Conservative Leaders

- Rush Limbaugh transcript: How Innocent Scott Walker Supporters Were Persecuted in Wisconsin: Doe probe raids

- Leon Neyfahk: The Koch Brothers Want It Both Ways, How can they support criminal justice reform and Scott Walker at the same time?

- John Nichols: David Koch on the 2016 GOP Nominee: 'It Should Be Scott Walker.' But...

- Steven Elbow: Raining on Scott Walker's parade: Will his GOP opponents seize on Wisconsin's gloomy economic outlook?

- Jim Newell: Scott Walker splits the bigoted baby: Skip the gay wedding ceremony, go directly to the reception!

- Rick Seltzer: Scott Walker bragged about getting the Jos. A. Bank suit deal that Men's Wearhouse wants to kill

- Evan McMurry: Scott Walker Loses Polling Advantage, Everybody Loses to Clinton


 1:40 PM 

Walker in Iowa today

Gov. Scott Walker was in Iowa today to meet with state legislative caucuses, his 527 said.

Walker will be back in Iowa this weekend to speak at the Northwest Iowa GOP dinner on Friday before speaking the next day at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition's spring dinner.

-- By JR Ross


 11:09 AM 

Scott Walker Tuesday headline roundup

In today's headline roundup: David Koch signals support for Gov. Scott Walker, potential and current candidates discuss attending same-sex weddings and analysts assess the GOP field.


- Capital Times: Scott Walker courts Kohl's voters and Koch donors

- CNN: David Koch picks a favorite?

- Wisconsin State Journal: David Koch: Scott Walker should be 2016 GOP nominee

- New York Times: David Koch Signals a Favorite: Scott Walker

- Politics PA: Walker Wins Conservative Presidential Straw Poll

- Newsmax: Scott Walker Wins Pennsylvania Conservatives' Straw Poll

- MSNBC: Scott Walker has attended gay wedding reception

- AP: New Hampshire Republican voters are relishing crowded field

- New York Times: Scott Walker Run Could Bring Scrutiny to New ‘Super PAC’

- Fox News: Scott Walker: Hillary not connected to 'everyday Americans'

- The Blaze: Glenn Beck on His Interview With Scott Walker: ‘I Loved Him’


 - David Catanese: Walker Jumps Bush in The Chase

- Eli Stokols: The GOP frontrunner? It's not Jeb Bush

- Philip Bump: Scott Walker’s Monday: A semi-endorsement, paired with an ‘Olympics-quality flip-flop’

- Dawn Ennis: Scott Walker's Been to Same-Sex Wedding Reception, Still Opposes Marriage Equality

- David Graham: Republican Candidates Say They'd Attend Marriages They Oppose

- Igor Bobic: Scott Walker Tacks Far Right On Immigration

- Emily Flitter: Struggling to remember the name of Jeb Bush's super PAC? Here's why


 11:07 AM 

Walker's numbers dip in Iowa poll, another has him trailing Clinton in New Hampshire

A new poll of Iowa primary voters has Scott Walker’s numbers dipping compared to February, while one in New Hampshire has him faring best against Hillary Clinton among GOP contenders.

The Gravis Marketing Poll found Jeb Bush leading the GOP pack in Iowa at 16 percent, roughly where he was in the firm’s February survey, while Walker was next at 13 percent, followed by Marco Rubio at 12 percent, and Rand Paul and Ben Carson at 9 percent each.

Walker’s numbers are down from 24 percent in February. Meanwhile, Rubio is up from 7 percent in that poll.

In a head-to-head matchup with Hillary Clinton, Walker trailed 46-42.

Gravis polled 1,259 registered Iowa voters, including 388 Republicans, April 13. The overall poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, while the GOP primary margin is plus or minus 5 percentage points.

In New Hampshire, the Dem firm Public Policy Polling found Walker trailing Hillary 49-40.

The former secretary of state led all Republicans she paired with; Walker and Paul did the best against her, both trailing by 9 points.

The firm surveyed 747 New Hampshire voters April 9-13, and the poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points. Eighty percent of the interviews were done over the phone, while 20 percent were done over the internet to reach those without landlines.

-- By JR Ross


 8:46 AM 

Climate change group urges Walker end GOP 'war on science'

NextGen Climate, which last week ran a full-page newspaper ad urging Gov. Scott Walker to end the GOP's "war on science," is back with another spot urging him to demand a state board reverse a ban on employees discussing global warming while on state time.

Both ads are tied to the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands earlier this month voting 2-1 to prohibit employees from discussion global warming or climate change while on the clock. The motion was pushed by new GOP Treasurer Matt Adamczyk after agency Executive Secretary Tia Nelson served on then-Gov. Jim Doyle's Global Warming Task Force.

The new ad, which appeared in Sunday's State Journal, urges readers to sign a petition by Forecast the Facts calling on Walker to demand reversal of the "gag order."

See the spot: http://wispolitics.com/1006/150420Walker.jpg 

See the release: http://www.wispolitics.com/index.Iml?Article=346666


 8:43 AM 

CNN/ORC poll shows wide-open GOP field

A new CNN/ORC poll finds a wide-open field for the GOP presidential nomination.

Jeb Bush led with support from 17 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents. Scott Walker was next at 12 percent, while Rand Paul and Marco Rubio were at 11 percent each.

Among GOP contenders, Rubio fared the best against Hillary Clinton, who led him 55-41. Clinton led Bush 56-39, and Paul and Chris Christie 58-39. Walker trailed her by more than 20 points.

The CNN/ORC International poll of 1,018 American adults was conducted via telephone Thursday through Sunday. The full poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, while the GOP primary question posted to 435 respondents had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

See more: http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/20/politics/2016-elections-republican-field-poll/index.html


Monday, April 20, 2015

 10:50 AM 

Scott Walker Monday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker's New Hampshire trip and his discount duds were among the topics of stories this weekend related to Walker's likely presidential bid.


- New Hampshire Union Leader: Walker welcomed warmly in Derry

- Wisconsin State Journal: Walker tells New Hampshire GOP of his broad Republican support

- Wisconsin State Journal: In return to New Hampshire, Scott Walker has plenty going for him

- CNN: GOP presidential hopefuls woo party faithful in New Hampshire

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: As New Hampshire weighs GOP field, Scott Walker focuses on Hillary Clinton

- Boston Herald: Walker tells Herald most successful states have ‘gone big and gone bold’

- Nashua Telegraph: In Nashua, GOP vows to regain White House

- CNN: In battle for authenticity, Scott Walker looks to Kohl's

- Washington Post: Scott Walker stresses his discount attire and ‘regular guy’ credentials

- IJReview: Scott Walker Wore A “3 For 1? Jos A. Bank Suit, Kohl’s Shirt And Tie To New Hampshire

- New York Times: At Candidate Forum, Scott Walker Discusses Same-Sex Marriage of a Relative

- CNN: These GOP candidates are willing to attend gay weddings

- Wall Street Journal: Republican Presidential Candidates Spar Over Party’s Future

- AP: GOP White House hopefuls bicker over America’s role in world

- Capital Times: Jon Erpenbach on Scott Walker: 'I think he lands, does his laundry, gets back on the plane and leaves'

- CNN: As campaigns launch, poll finds GOP field stays tight

Opinion Analysis

- Mark Shields: Don’t Underestimate Wisconsin’s Semi-Favorite Son, Scott Walker

- Robert Kraig: Scott Walker's foreign policy stance is scary

- Racine Journal Times editorial: Walker's pursuit of presidency shouldn't be funded by taxpayers


Friday, April 17, 2015

 11:05 AM 

Scott Walker Friday headline roundup

A new poll shows Gov. Scott Walker's approval rating down in Wisconsin and a new PAC supporting Walker gets more attention in today's headlines related to his likely presidential bid.


- Los Angeles Times: Walker facing trouble at home, poll shows

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker's Wisconsin approval rating drops in latest poll

- Capital Times: Marquette Poll: Scott Walker's approval ratings drop among Wisconsin voters

- NBC: Wisconsin Poll Brings Bad News for Walker, GOP

- Wall Street Journal: 2016 Hopeful Scott Walker Loses Altitude With Wisconsin Voters

- Chicago Tribune: Super PAC formed to help Wisconsin's Scott Walker in 2016 campaign

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Super PAC formed to help Scott Walker in 2016 campaign

- Washington Post: Pro-Scott Walker super PAC launched by two of his former strategists

- Politico: Scott Walker aides will run his super PAC

- PBS: Walker makes strides toward presidential run

- Des Moines Register: Scott Walker to attend Blum, Young events

 - The Daily Beast: Scott Walker vs. The World


- Stuart Rothenberg:  The What Ifs of the 2016 GOP Presidential Race

 - Ron Fournier: From Right-Wing to RINO In Iowa GOP

- Matt Towery:  Why a Hillary 2.0 Might Be a Good Thing

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial:  Gov. Scott Walkers dual mission in his overseas trips


Thursday, April 16, 2015

 12:39 PM 

Marquette poll: Clinton 52, Walker 40 among Wisconsin voters

Hillary Clinton had a 12-point lead over Gov. Scott Walker among Wisconsin voters in a new Marquette University Law School Poll released today.

The survey also found Walker's job approval rating has dropped significantly among Wisconsin voters since the last Marquette poll in October before he won re-election, began his flirtations with a presidential bid and released his state budget.

Forty-one percent of registered voters approved of Walker's job performance, while 56 percent disapproved. In October, that split was 49-47. Poll director Charles Franklin noted Walker's job approval numbers have been fairly consistent over the history of the survey, calling the change "breathtaking" in looking at the historical trend.

The poll also found Clinton, who announced her campaign after the poll was conducted, led Walker in a head-to-head match up 52 percent to 40 percent.

She lead each Republican she was paired against. Rand Paul ran best, trailing 49-41. Clinton led Jeb Bush 49-38, Marco Rubio 50-38 and Ted Cruz 52-36.

Walker, meanwhile, had a significant lead on the GOP presidential field among Republican voters and independents who lean toward the GOP.

Forty-percent of those voters backed Walker, while 10 percent supported Paul. Bush was at 8 percent.

The poll of 803 registered voters was conducted April 7-10 with half of the interviews conducted over cell phones. The margin of error for the overall survey of registered voters was plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. The sample included 319 self-identified Republicans or independents who lean to the GOP. That sample had a margin of error of plus or minus 5.6 percentage points.

The overall partisan breakdown of the poll was 24 percent Republicans, 30 percent Dems and 40 percent independents. For all of 2014, the partisan breakdown of the Marquette surveys was 26 percent Republican, 30 percent Dem and 40 percent independent.

-- By JR Ross


 11:58 AM 

Obey sees Walker as Bush running mate, Petri says Walker 'political phenomenon'

Former Congressman Dave Obey today predicted Scott Walker will be the vice presidential candidate on a ticket with Jeb Bush.

"And the reason I say that is because I think that the Republican establishment has enough oomph to nominate someone who is perceived as more moderate than some of the guys running around the country these days," Obey told a WisPolitics.com luncheon today at the Madison Club. "But I think in order to cement that, they're going to need to satisfy the hard right part of the party. And I think Walker is seen enthusiastically by a lot of those people."

Obey, a Democrat, represented Wisconsin's 7th District in the House from 1969 to 2010. He was joined on stage today by former Congressman Tom Petri, a Republican who represented Wisconsin's 6th District from 1979 to 2014.

The two are putting on a roadshow of sorts, travelling around the state and giving presentations on politics and civics.

Petri's take on Walker was not as definitive as Obey's, though it was more complimentary. Petri said he has watched Walker's career since the governor was 16 and president of Boys Nation, in which representatives from the states go to Washington, D.C., to learn about the structure and function of the federal government.

Petri said he has been impressed.

"I think he's a political phenomenon," he said.

In particular, Petri said, Walker has an ability to benefit from crises. Petri cited the fake David Koch call Walker received in 2011.

"And the guy says some goofy right-wing things, and Scott's saying, 'Well, I wouldn't quite go along with that, that seems a little extreme to me,' and so on and so forth," Petri said. "And it sort of fizzled.

"All I'm saying is keep your eye on him. He has potential."

But if Walker does end up on the ticket, Obey said, it would not be good for the country. Obey said people need someone in leadership to pull them together, but Walker is "probably the most polarizing governor in the country right now."

"And the last thing I think we need as a nation is to have the same kind of rancor and political overreach nationally that you had here in Wisconsin," Obey said. "I go back to my point about always looking for ways to leave your political adversary something that they have won in the deal.

"What I see happening in this Capitol is a constant in-your-face approach."


 11:50 AM 

Scott Walker Thursday headline roundup

A new super PAC forms to support Gov. Scott Walker's likely presidential bid and polls show Walker up in early primary states in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- AP: Walker backers form super PAC

- NECN: Walker Leads 2016 GOP Field by Wide Margin in NH

- Washington Times: Scott Walker has double-digit lead in New Hampshire

- Wisconsin State Journal: Polls show Scott Walker surging in early primary states

- CNN: South Carolina poll: Scott Walker, Jeb Bush running neck-and-neck

- International Business Times: South Carolina Primary 2016 President Poll: Scott Walker Leads Jeb Bush In Tight Race

- Breitbart: Scott Walker Responds to Approval of Congressional Review of Iran Deal

- Fox News: Sheriff Clarke on Fox News' Kelly File discussing Mayor Barrett's blaming city gun violence on Walker


Mark Niquette: John Kasich Charms Unions as Scott Walker Embodies New Republican Antipathy

Betsy Woodruff: The Un-Mitt Romney: Inside Scott Walker's Secret Brain Trust


 10:29 AM 

Top Walker aide files with FEC to create super PAC

Keith Gilkes, a former campaign manager for Gov. Scott Walker and a top adviser, filed with the FEC today to create a super PAC named Unintimidated.

It's the same name Walker used for his book and comes as the guv continues to move toward an expected run for the presidency.

See the filing.

UPDATE: The PAC has now put out a press release saying it will highlight Walker’s record of reform and leadership. If he runs for president, it will “independently

advocate for his candidacy and show America who Walker is: someone who is unintimidated by Washington’s government-knows-best mentality and has proven his big, bold ideas can win.”

Walker aides Keith Gilkes and Stephan Thompson will be part of the leadership team for the super PAC.

Gilkes, who was a senior adviser for Walker’s 2014 election and managed the 2012 recall campaign, will serve as executive director.

Stephan Thompson, who was campaign manager on the 2014 run, will be the deputy executive director. He was most recently with Walker’s 527 organization, Our American Revival.

James McCray, a managing partner at Highwood Capital LLC, will be the national finance director.

-- By Staff


 8:15 AM 

Abrahamson lawsuit a factor in whether Crooks will seek re-election

Supreme Court Justice Pat Crooks told WisPolitics.com he has not decided whether he will run for re-election next spring, and Shirley Abrahamson's lawsuit will play a role in his decision. 

It has been widely speculated over the last year that the soon-to-be-77-year-old would not seek another 10-year term. But Crooks said in the interview he will not make a decision until early fall. 

Crooks said he would be dissuaded from running again if Abrahamson's lawsuit remains unresolved. She has sued in federal court seeking to delay implementation of a constitutional amendment that would allow the justices to select the chief. That position now goes to the most tenured member of the court, and she's held the post since 1996.

Crooks was critical of Abrahamson's lawsuit, saying he hopes it fails and expressed support for the amendment, saying he believed it would improve relations among the justices. 

"I would hope that I would be looking at the idea that things were going to get better and more pleasant for the future," Crooks said in the interview. "That would be a factor, certainly, that I would look at." 

Crooks said he will consider whether his health would allow another term and if his family would support another bid. He also said he would approach his fellow justices to see if he had "lost anything mentally" that would prevent him from continuing to serve on the court. 
Crooks, who turns 77 in May, was first elected to the court in 1996 after serving on the Brown County bench for 18 years. He was unopposed when he sought re-election to the Supreme Court in 2006. 

-- By JR Ross

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