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Thursday, July 2, 2015

 12:20 PM 

Scott Walker to file presidential run papers today, plans July 13 announcement

Gov. Scott Walker intends to file papers for a presidential run today and plans a July 13 announcement in Waukesha in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- CBS: Walker takes first steps to enter 2016 race

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker set to file papers to run for president today

- Capital Times: Scott Walker to enter presidential race, announce in Waukesha on July 13

- AP: Walker entering 2016 presidential race, official kickoff expected July 13

- Reuters: Obama is about to take a big shot at Scott Walker in Wisconsin

- Politico: Obama will badger Scott Walker in Wisconsin

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Drama expected as Obama visits La Crosse and greeted by Scott Walker

- USA Today: Walker 'welcomes' Sanders and Obama to Wisconsin

- CNN: Poll: Bush, Trump rising nationally for GOP, but both trail Clinton

- CNN: Iowa poll: After New Hampshire, Trump takes second place

- Christian Science Monitor: Scott Walker holds lead in Iowa poll, but maybe not for long

- Politico: Poll: Walker slipping in Iowa

- New York Times: Scott Walker Holds Early Lead Over Muddled Iowa Field

- Breitbart: Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham Mock Obama's Cuba Embassy Plans

- New York Times: Scott Walker's Hard Right Turn in Iowa May Hurt Him Elsewhere

- Buzzfeed: Scott Walker's Gone Silent On His Tough-On-Crime Record

- Daily Caller: Brent Bozell On Scott Walker Hiring Brad Dayspring: 'Get Rid Of This Cretin Immediately' 

- Capital Times: Scott Walker catches criticism from conservatives for Unintimidated PAC's hire of adviser


- Jay Bookman: Welcome to Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, Mr. President

- Jason Easley: Bernie Sanders Annihilates Scott Walker At Record Setting Madison Rally

- Steve Benen: What Scott Walker gets wrong about pay equity


 8:50 AM 

Source: Walker July 13 presidential announcement to be at Waukesha County Expo Center

Gov. Scott Walker has reserved the Waukesha County Expo Center for his July 13 presidential announcement, according to a source with knowledge of his plans.

The center is where Walker awaited election returns in the failed attempt to recall him in 2012, a victory that helped propel him into the national spotlight.

A Walker aide said the announcement will be July 13 in Waukesha.

-- By JR Ross


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

 11:18 PM 

Sanders calls for free college educations as he rallies Madison crowd

Dem presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders told a capacity crowd here Wednesday night one of his first acts if elected would be to provide free college education to Americans, regardless of family income.

The pledge, which ignited the crowd, was one in series of progressive causes Sanders hit during his speech.

Sanders spoke emphatically and at length about his plan to dismantle the “corporate greed” that he says is running America. He vowed to fight the fast-track trade authority that was recently approved, take down Wall Street and big banks, provide universal healthcare, and overturn Citizen's United to give power back to the people during elections.

"It's time we come together as a nation and tell the billionaire class 'you can't have it all,'” he said.

Sanders is touring progressive communities as he launches his bid for the Dem presidential nomination against heavily favored Hillary Clinton. More than 3,000 attended an event in Minneapolis on Sunday after 5,000 turned out for him Saturday at the University of Denver

Ahead of the Madison event, which drew an estimated 10,000, the state GOP is put up billboards in Milwaukee and Green Bay knocking Clinton and Sanders as "Left and Lefter."

"Yesterday's candidates -- extreme candidates," the billboard reads.

The billboard is a take off of the "Dumb and Dumber" movie and shows Sanders driving a moped with Clinton on the back.

Sanders, who took several jabs at Gov. Scott Walker, opened by joking about being surprised that Republicans let him enter the state, mentioning the billboard.

“I don't think my views are extremism,” he said. “When you deny the right of workers to come together in collective bargaining, that's extremism. When you tell a woman that she cannot control her own body, that is extremism. When you accept tax breaks for billionaires but refuse to raise the minimum wage, that is extremism.”

Sanders told the crowd he needs an almost unprecedented grassroots support system if he stands a chance of winning the White House.

“And it doesn't matter how skilled a candidate is. He or she cannot address the issues of hardworking middle class families without an active, organized grassroots effort,” Sanders said.

Missy Eymann and Kelli Meserole, two recent college graduates from northern Illinois, drove more than 90 miles to attend the rally.

“The more I learn about him, the more I support what he stands for, and that's why we're here,” Eymann said. “The more people show up, the more seriously he gets taken.”

Both carried signs, one side listing measures Sanders has voted for, the other, what he's voted against.

Meserole, a teacher, said one of the reasons she supports Sanders so strongly is his stance on making public college free. She said her dream is that none of her students will ever have to suffer under the weight of student loans like she has.

“He's inline and in tune with the goals of the younger generation," she said. "He's a bit more liberal than Republicans might like, but he's been a uniting factor too, working across party lines, which I think gives him a really good chance in this election.”

Throughout the night, Sanders hit on a message that America belongs to all people, and that the job of politicians is to bring people together around a progressive agenda that improves the lives of all citizens.

“What I would like to ask of you, is please think big, not small. Our vision should be, that in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, there is nothing that we can't accomplish,” said Sanders in closing.

-- By Gina Lehner

 1:02 PM 

Obama, Sanders to visit Wisconsin; Carson, Trump second to Walker in Iowa

President Barack Obama and Democrat Bernie Sanders visit Wisconsin and Walker leads but loses ground in a new Iowa poll in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- AP: Obama's Wisconsin visit comes as Walker prepares campaign 

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Democrat Bernie Sanders bringing criticism of Gov. Scott Walker to Madison rally

- Daily Caller: Bernie Sanders And Unions Have A Common Enemy: Scott Walker

- Des Moines Register: Walker leads new Iowa GOP survey

- Bloomberg: Scott Walker Sees Iowa Lead Shrink in Latest Quinnipiac Poll

- Real Clear Politics: Scott Walker Leads in Tightening Iowa Poll

- Seattle Sun Times: Scott Walker dominates Iowa in new Quinnipiac poll

- CNN: Elizabeth Warren slams Scott Walker over gay marriage

- The Advocate: Scott Walker Wins Conservative Cred With His ‘Antigay Transition'


- Colorado Springs Gazette editorial: Walker's record speaks for itself

- Steven Walters: Records detail VIP treatment of Walker campaign donor

- Dan Bice: Pro-Scott Walker super PAC hires staffer with fiery past


 12:39 PM 

Scott Walker leads but loses ground in Iowa poll, places 7th in national poll

Gov. Scott Walker’s support among Republicans both nationally and in Iowa has dropped slightly, according to two new polls out today.

In Iowa, Walker continued to lead among likely GOP caucus participants, though his support has now dropped in two straight Quinnipiac University polls.

Walker was backed by 18 percent of respondents, while Donald Trump and Ben Carson were both in second place at 10 percent apiece, U.S. Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were at 9 percent each, Jeb Bush was at 8 percent, and Marco Rubio was at 7 percent.

Walker was backed by 25 percent of likely GOP caucus participants in Quinnipiac’s February survey and 21 percent in May.

A new CNN/ORC International national poll had Walker in seventh place with Bush and Trump at the head of the pack.

Bush was backed by 19 percent of Republicans surveyed, while Trump was next at 12 percent. They were followed by Mike Huckabee at 8 percent, and Carson and Paul at 7 percent each.

Next were Rubio and Walker at 6 percent apiece. Rubio was down from 14 percent in the May survey, while Walker was at 10 percent in the previous poll.

The poll also found Hillary Clinton leading Walker 57-38.

See more on the Iowa poll:

See more on the national poll:


 8:38 AM 

Feingold raised $2.2 million in first six weeks of campaign

Dem Russ Feingold's campaign said this morning he raised more than $2.2 million during the first six weeks of his bid for a rematch with U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson.

He expects to report nearly $2 million cash on hand for the second quarter reports, which are due later this month to the FEC.

Feingold, who officially entered the race May 14, collected contributions from 10,500 Wisconsin donors with 69 percent of his contributions $25 or less, the campaign said.

Johnson, R-Oshkosh, had $1.5 million in the bank at the end of March.

-- By JR Ross

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

 2:03 PM 

Ad targets Scott Walker over student debt

Scott Walker is targeted over student debt in a new ad and the Walker-backing Unintimidated PAC has added two new staffers in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Capital Times: Ad targeting Scott Walker says college graduates are 'drowning' in student debt

- Daily Caller: Scott Walker Super PAC Staffs Up

- Washington Examiner: Scott Walker: I'd 'absolutely' nuke the filibuster to repeal Obamacare

- Tampa Bay Times: Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio disagree with Scott Walker's call for Constitutional amendment on gay marriage

- Capital Times: Does Scott Walker want to get into a fistfight with Supreme Court justices?

- International Business Times: Scott Walker Tenure Controversy


- Betsy Woodruff: Conservatives Love Scott Walker's Anti-Gay Transition

- Eli Hager: Scott Walker hangs tough on guns, crime and punishment

- Erica Payner: Scott Walker is Drowning Students in Debt

- Joseph Curl: An embarrassing day for GOP presidential candidates


Monday, June 29, 2015

 11:58 AM 

Scott Walker courts Colorado conservatives

Gov. Scott Walker addresses conservatives in Colorado and reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Washington Examiner: Scott Walker: Hillary Clinton is 'woefully out of touch with Main Street America'

- Colorado Springs Gazette: Scott Walker gives shout-out to Colorado Springs during Denver speech

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: In Colorado, Walker lists why he thinks he can beat Clinton

- Denver Post: Ready for 2016: GOP presidential hopefuls excite, repel at WCS

- Fox6 Milwaukee: Gov. Walker speaks to conservatives in Denver

- Denver Post: Carson wins conservative straw poll in Colorado for second year

- Denver Post: Gay marriage ruling divides conservatives at Denver gathering

- Politico: Walker goes mum on same-sex marriage

- CNN: Scott Walker calls for respect on same-sex marriage ruling

- New York Times: Scott Walker Calls for Amendment Allowing States to Define Marriage

- NPR: 'Abide by the law': Campaign trail responds to same-sex marriage ruling

- Washington Post: The GOP contenders react to the same-sex marriage decision


- Hugh Hewitt: Notes from a gathering of conservatives and candidates

- Penny Nance: Scott Walker's push for marriage Constitutional amendment exactly right

- Nik Nelson: Walker the warrior

- Joanne Brown: Mr. Walker, your self-absorption is showing

- PolitiFact: Scott Walker says most Americans support voter ID laws (Mostly True)


Friday, June 26, 2015

 4:13 PM 

Walker: Let states decide on same-sex marriage

Gov. Scott Walker wants to amend the COnstitution to allow states define marriage, and Walker says he will announce his presidential intentions next months in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Politico: Scott Walker calls for Constitutional amendment to let states define marriage

- AP: Walker: Same-sex marriage ruling is 'grave mistake'

- Tampa bay Times: Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio disagree with Scott Walker's call for Constitutional amendment on gay marriage

- NBC: 2016 Candidates React to Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Ruling

- CBS: Scott Walker to announce 2016 intentions next month

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Although bitter for GOP, Obamacare ruling might ease tumult

- Capital Times: Wisconsin officials react along party lines to Affordable Care Act decision

- Wisconsin Radio Network: Wisconsin reacts to Supreme Court health care ruling

- Daily Caller: Corruption Charges Against Walker Are Baseless, Supporters Say

- Chicago Tribune: Budget woes complicate Gov. Scott Walker's White House ambitions


- Paige Lavender: Scott Walker Is Still Looking For Ways To Ban Gay Marriage

- Steven Elbow: Obamacare decision 'ideal course of events' for Scott Walker

- Shepherd Express: Scott Walker Fails the Leadership Test Again

- PolitiFact: Scott Walker says Barack Obama told Coast Guard global warming is top threat to military and world (Mostly False)

- Michael Daly: Scott Walker's Gun Bill Is Based on a Lie


Thursday, June 25, 2015

 12:33 PM 

Walker calls on Republicans to redouble efforts to repeal, replace ACA

Gov. Scott Walker calls for Republicans to redouble thier efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and Walker signs two gun bills in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.

- USA Today: GOP candidates maintain their attacks on Obamacare

- NBC: GOP 2016 candidates vow to continue fight against Obamacare

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker signs gun bills, explains sidestepping Confederate flag

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker expands gun rights, says S.C. governor asked him not to comment on flag

- Sun Times: Walker signs two bills expanding gun rights

- AP: Scott Walker: Haley asked that he not talk about Confederate flag

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker: Hillary Clinton uses equal pay advocacy to 'pit one group of Americans versus another'

- Politico: Obamacare dilemma for GOP govs running for president


- Benjy Sarlin: Scott Walker won’t fix Obamacare, but he will take credit for it 

- Scott Walker: Obama can't pass buck on health insurance

- Betsy Woodruff: Scott Walker's Jobs Program Didn't Work

- Bryce Covert: Scott Walker Reveals Extreme Views On Equal Pay

- PolitiFact: Did Scott Walker say forced ultrasounds to get an abortion are 'a cool thing'? (Mostly False)

- Paul Waldman: The only way GOP governors can run for president is by shafting their own states


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

 9:23 PM 

Walker: Haley asked that he wait on Confederate flag statement

 Walker today said South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley had asked him not to make any quick statements about taking down the Confederate flag at the Statehouse in Charleston.

"She asked me to wait," Walker told reporters after a bill signing in Milwaukee.

Walker told reporters, "I talked to Gov. Haley on Saturday. I talked to her at some length before my statements were given and she asked me to wait. I was fully prepared to say that it's a state issue, but if it were me, I would take it down. But I waited until she had a chance to get out front.

"I could have disregarded that and maybe scored a few political points by jumping ahead of her, but I respected her in that process and that's why I said what I said," added Walker.


 11:51 AM 

NYT: Scott Walker faces "GOP revolt" in Wisconsin

The New York Times says Gov. Scott Walker faces a "GOP revolt" in Wisconsin, and Walker is set to sign gun legislation today.


- New York Times: Scott Walker, set for a bigger stage, faces GOP revolt in Wisconsin

- Washington Post: Scott Walker to sign legislation expanding gun rights in Wisconsin

- Capital Times: Democratic state senator accuses Scott Walker of mixed messages on Confederate flag

- Barron's: Who will win the GOP nomination?


- Donald Downs and John Sharpless: Scott Walker’s latest crusade will hurt conservatives like us

- Kevin Drum: Even Wisconsin's Republicans are getting tired of Scott Walker

- Amanda Marcotte: Scott Walker argues that equal pay pits women against men

- Dave Zweifel: Another whopper from our truth-challenged governor

- Consuelo Lopez Springfield: On immigration, Scott Walker is no Ronald Reagan

- Stuart Rothenberg: Does Scott Walker have what it takes to win in 2016?


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