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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

 1:57 PM 

Burke posts TV ad responding to attacks on jobs plan

Dem Mary Burke's campaign has now posted to its YouTube channel the TV ad it began over the weekend in response to attacks on her jobs plan.

In the spot, Burke talks into the camera and says Wisconsin's loss of 4,300 jobs in August is why Gov. Scott Walker is attacking her jobs plan in September, saying "it takes ideas from other states." 

"Well, you know what? Of course it does," Burke says. "As governor, I'm going to take the best ideas wherever I can find them. And if Scott Walker had done the same, maybe we wouldn't be dead last in Midwest job growth. Take a look at my plan and decide for yourself, because Wisconsin shouldn't be dead last in anything, especially jobs." 

-- By JR Ross

 12:40 PM 

Marquette poll: Walker 50, Burke 45 among likely voters

Gov. Scott Walker opened up a slight lead among likely voters on Dem rival Mary Burke in the latest Marquette University Law School Poll, the first time since March the advantage for either candidate has been outside the margin of error.

Fifty percent of likely voters backed Walker, while 45 percent supported Burke. Among registered voters, it was 46-45 Walker.

In the last poll two weeks ago, Walker and Burke were tied at 46 percent apiece among registered voters. Among likely voters, Walker had a 49-46 edge.

Poll director Charles Franklin said with the race now a little more than a month away, he is starting to focus more on likely voters.

He also called Walker’s lead on Burke among men “astonishing.” Walker led among men 62-34, while Burke led among women 54-40.

In the AG’s race, Republican Brad Schimel edged Dem Susan Happ 41-39. Among registered voters, it was tied at 39.

In the last poll, it was 42-41 for Schimel among likely voters and 39-38 for Happ among registered voters.

The live phone survey of 801 registered voters was conducted through live interviews Thursday through Sunday. It included 585 likely voters. The margin of error for registered voters was plus or minus 4.1 percentage points and 3.5 percentage points among likely voters.

-- By JR Ross

 10:41 AM 

Schimel ad touts endorsements, child sexual assault prosecutions

In what the campaign describes as the first in a series of statewide ads, Republican AG candidate Brad Schimel touts his bipartisan endorsements from law enforcement leaders in a new TV spot.

The ad also highlights two child sexual assault cases Schimel prosecuted, one involving a former Pewaukee alderman and another a former Racine police officer.

The ad begins with Schimel in a courtroom and then cuts to him with his daughters as a voiceover describes him as a “decorated prosecutor and father of two girls” who “puts public safety ahead of politics.”

The ad then displays a scrolling list of endorsements along with shots of Schimel in the lobby of a building.

The spot then cuts to Schimel in a courtroom and highlights the two sexual assault cases, while a voiceover says “Schimel isn't afraid to take on the powerful to get justice.”

The spot ends with Schimel standing in from of uniformed law enforcement officers, ending with the tag,“Brad Schimel: law enforcement’s choice for attorney general.”

-- By David Wise

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

 2:47 PM 

Walker TV ad features domestic violence victim

Gov. Scott Walker's campaign announced its second new TV ad of the day this afternoon, a 30-second spot focused on combating domestic violence.

The ad features Teri Jendusa-Nicolai, a Racine County woman who was kidnapped in early 2004.

"My ex-husband beat me with a baseball bat, threw me in a garbage can filled with snow and left me in a frozen storage locker to die," Jendusa-Nicolai says to the camera. "At that time, I was pregnant and I lost the child I was carrying, but I fought to stay alive for my other two children -- and today I am fighting for Scott Walker."

Jendusa-Nicolai says she's worked with Walker to create funding and new laws protecting women affected by domestic violence.

"He cares about women and Wisconsin families -- I trust him," she says to close the ad.

-- By Staff

 9:34 AM 

RGA ad again knocks Burke over jobs plan

The Republican Governors Association today announced a TV ad that again criticizes Mary Burke over passages in her jobs plan lifted from previous Dem campaigns.

The 30-second spot, titled "Integrity," features clips from a TV interview with Burke speaking about her jobs plan along with footage from news reports about the plagiarism allegations.

The ad closes with Burke saying as as governor, "I want to make sure that I have the highest level of integrity," followed by the ad cutting to a black screen reading, "You can't trust Mary Burke."

-- By Staff

 7:48 AM 

Walker hits Burke on plagiarism in new TV ad

Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign is out with a new TV ad today that features Dem rival Mary Burke stumbling when asked to define plagiarism.

The spot features a series of news clips with anchors saying things like Burke was “accused of plagiarizing nearly word for word,” “sections were simply copied and pasted” and “tripping up this morning when asked to define plagiarism.”

The spot then shows video of Burke saying, "This, this probably, uh, using words, exact words, uh, from, uh, a source that doesn't, ah, that isn't cited."

The ad closes with a black screen and the words “Mary Burke plagiarized her jobs plan. Wisconsin deserves better.”

-- By JR Ross

Monday, September 29, 2014

 11:53 AM 

Grothman TV ad touts record on 'tough issues'

State Sen. Glenn Grothman today announced his first TV ad since winning the GOP primary in the open 6th Congressional District.

The 30-second spot, titled "Solutions," features three women speaking to the camera, touting the Campbellsport Republican's work "on tough issues like cutting government waste and lowering taxes."

The spot also says Grothman authored legislation to provide greater access to free health clinics and to protect domestic violence victims.

"Glenn Grothman is more interested in fixing problems than politics and finger-pointing," one woman says.

"And that's why we need Glenn Grothman in Congress," another says to close the ad.

-- By Staff

Friday, September 26, 2014

 10:04 AM 

NRA releases TV ad backing Walker

The NRA's Political Victory Fund has released a TV ad it started nearly a week ago urging viewers to vote "like your safety depends on it" and re-elect Gov. Scott Walker.

The ad opens with a woman putting a child to bed in a crib. She looks at her phone as a text message comes in, “Landed in Miami.” The screen shows her texting back “Love you. Good night.”

A shadow of a man in a baseball cap walks by a window before the front door is kicked in and the narrator says, “It happens like that. The police can’t get there in time. Self defense is up to you when it matters the most.”

The narrator then says Walker has protected “your right to self defense.”

“Vote like your safety depends on it. Protect your gun rights. Re-elect Scott Walker," the narrator says to close the spot.

The NRA-PRV said in a release the spot is part of a "million-plus dollar advertising campaign" that will air in Green Bay, Wausau and La Crosse. The liberal group One Wisconsin Now released numbers last week showing the NRA buy included $445,000 in La Crosse, $367,000 in Green Bay and $267,000 in Wausau.

The NRA also said its support of Walker includes a mail campaign that began last month and six-figure digital and radio ad buys.

-- By JR Ross

 9:45 AM 

Federal court refuses to rehear voter ID suit

A federal appeals court today denied a request to reconsider an earlier ruling that cleared the way for Wisconsin to implement its voter ID law for the November election.

Those challenging the law filed a motion for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its Sept. 12 decision lifting the injunction that had prevented enforcement of the law.

In its ruling today, the court said the three-judge panel that lifted the stay voted to deny the motion for reconsideration.

A judge then called for a vote on the opponents' request for the full 7th Circuit to hear the case. But that request was denied by an equally divided court.

Today’s ruling said the members of the court may file opinions explaining their votes in the coming days.

-- By JR Ross

 8:44 AM 

Walker TV ad: Burke supported taxes 'from cradle to grave'

Gov. Scott Walker's campaign announced a new TV ad today, alleging Burke supported "raising taxes from cradle to grave" while serving in the Doyle administration.

An announcer then lists taxes on "birth certificates, daycare, driver's licenses, gas, tuition, property, garbage, nursing home beds, even burial fees," and says despite those positions, "the Doyle-Burke administration left Wisconsin with a massive deficit."

"Mary Burke, a Madison liberal we can't afford," the spot concludes.

-- By Staff

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

 9:50 AM 

Judge dismisses GOP suit over GAB ballot design

A Waukesha County judge this morning dismissed a challenge to the GAB's template for ballots to be used in this fall's election.

Judge James Kieffer ruled the campaign committees of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald did not have standing to file the suit and that a complaint should have been filed with GAB first before the agency was sued. 

Joseph Olson, a lawyer for Vos and Fitzgerald, said no decision had been made on whether to appeal Kieffer's decision or to file a complaint with the GAB.

During the hearing, Olson said the lawsuit was filed because going to the GAB "is obviously a futile process."

Christopher Blythe, an assistant attorney general representing the GAB, responded "even if it would be futile, that is what the statutes say you have to do. It's black-letter law."

The suit argued the GAB's recommended format, which doesn't include shading to set off the offices to be elected or lines to separate the offices from the first candidate listed, will cause confusion among voters. It also argued the format will favor Dem candidates since they'll be listed first in each race this fall. 

The GAB countered ahead of today's hearing the lawsuit was based on a faulty assumption that all counties are required to produce "exact replicas of the GAB template." Rather, the GAB produces a template that "shall be substantially followed" by the counties, which then work with their printers to develop their ballot. Those ballots are submitted to the GAB for review, and staff then works with county clerks to resolve any issues related to the design or layout, according to the agency's court filing.

During the hearing, Kieffer expressed surprise that the ballots in each of the state's 72 counties could be different.

"I was under the impression that the counties just inserted the names of local candidates," he said.

Olson argued that the ballots in 42 counties were flawed. But GAB Director Kevin Kennedy said only 16 were using the exact template ballot put out by his agency for their designs.

Kieffer heard the motion to dismiss before getting to the meat of Olson's argument.

In his oral ruling, Kieffer said the law requires that a complaint first be filed with the GAB. 

"Then and only then is it subject to judicial review," he said.

-- By Marie Rohde

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

 9:54 AM 

RGA TV ad accuses Burke of using plagiarism to cover failed jobs record

The Republican Governors Association released a new TV ad today that accuses Dem guv hopeful Mary Burke of using plagiarism to cover up a record "of failure and jobs loss."

The narrator opens the spot by saying Burke broke her promise to Wisconsin before and didn't deliver jobs. The screen shows a picture of Burke with the line "40% of jobs ... failed to materialize."

"Now, Burke says she has real ideas to create jobs," the narrator says. "But that’s not true either.

The spot then cites an Associated Press report that "entire sections of Mary Burke’s jobs plan were stolen from other candidates."

"The truth is Burke’s record is one of failure and job loss," the narrator says to close the spot. "Plagiarism to cover it up. Don’t go backwards with Mary Burke."

-- By JR Ross

 9:22 AM 

Burke TV ad hits Walker over projected August job losses

Dem guv candidate Mary Burke's campaign today released a new TV ad highlighting projected job losses in August.

"It's happened again: the new August job numbers are out, and Wisconsin lost another 4,300 jobs," an announcer says in the 30-second spot.

The ad continues with a shot of Gov. Scott Walker, saying he "promised to create 250,000 new jobs."

"Instead, he gave tax cuts to the wealthy, cut education, and we’ve fallen to dead last in Midwest job growth," the announcer says.

-- By Staff

 9:04 AM 

State GOP ad knocks Burke over 'plagiarized' jobs plan

The state GOP is out with a new ad accusing Dem guv hopeful Mary Burke of plagiarizing her jobs plan.

The 30-second spot opens with a series of broadcast reports on news last week that Burke's plan lifted passages that had been used by Dem guv candidates in other states.

The clips include broadcasters saying things like "Mary Burke plagiarized parts of her jobs plan" and "she admitted part of her jobs plan was copied."

"Mary Burke copied her jobs plan then blamed someone else," a narrator says to close the spot. "Wisconsin deserves better than Burke's plagiarizing and finger pointing."

A party spokesman said the spot will air statewide.

-- By Staff

Monday, September 22, 2014

 9:35 AM 

EMILY's List announces $1.2 million TV ad buy in guv's race

EMILY's List, which is backing Dem Mary Burke for guv, announced today it will start a $1.2 million TV buy next month.

The announcement did not include details of the ad other than the first ones "will educate voters about Governor Scott Walker’s poor record on women’s health."

The ads will air statewide on broadcast and cable TV starting in early October, the group said.

-- By JR Ross

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