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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

 11:55 AM 

Scott Walker 2016 Wednesday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker suggests he may skip the Florida primary and shares his perspective on his trip to Israel in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Washington Post: Scott Walker might skip Florida primary in Bush-Rubio territory

- NBC: Scott Walker Already Ceding Florida Primary?

- Ingraham podcast: Scott Walker: Still has not decided whether he will commit to straw polls

- New York Times: Scott Walker May Let Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio Fight Over Florida

- Breitbart: Scott Walker Might Skip 2016 Florida GOP Primary

- CNN: Scott Walker may sit out Florida GOP primary

- New York Times: Scott Walker Reflects on Israel Trip

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker blogs about his trip to Israel

- Eau Claire Leader-Telegram: Walker asks for supporters' opinions on national issues

- McClatchy: For Scott Walker, one more budget fight looms on path to White House


- Jennifer Rubin: What Scott Walker and Marco Rubio are doing right

- Matt K. Lewis: Question For Republicans To Consider: Who Matches Up Best (And Worst) Against Hillary?

- Igor Bobic: Scott Walker Suggests He May Skip Florida Primary To Let Jeb Bush And Marco Rubio Destroy Each Other

- Dave Zweifel: Scott Walker, you're just wrong about invading Iraq

- Capital Times editorial: Scott Walker proves himself to be incompetent and irresponsible

- Tom Boggioni: GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker can't wait to start arresting doctors for performing abortions


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

 1:23 PM 

Scott Walker 2016 Tuesday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker comes in second in the Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll and MSNBC's Steve Benen says Walker's conservative accomplishments sets him apart from his rivals in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker comes in second in southern GOP straw poll

- Politico: Ben Carson wins SRLC straw poll

- KRCR: LaMalfa: ISIS greatest threat, supports Scott Walker

- Reuters:  U.S. Republicans navigate the new politics of energy abundance

- La Crosse Tribune: Top 10 highlights of Gov. Scott Walker's presidential exploration (so far)

- Breitbart: Gov. Scott Walker: Federal Government 'Too Big To Fail,' Next President Must Shrink It So It's 'Small Enough To Succeed'


- Steve Benen: The one thing Scott Walker has that his rivals lack

- Steven Walters: Wisconsin Republicans play key roles in nominating process

- Sue Wilson: Scott Walker and the GOP Turning First Amendment Rights Upside Down

- Marin Cogan: Where Is Scott Walker?

- EJ Dionne: The right's political correctness


Friday, May 22, 2015

 3:39 PM 

Walker discusses growth, reform, safety at SRLC in Oklahoma

Walker hit on themes of growth, reform and safety while talking to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City. 

The guv tip-toed around a presumed presidential run, commenting Thursday that his concerns with the way the country is being run are the "reason why I'm thinking about what I'm thinking about." He again said no announcement will be made until after the state budget is complete. 

Walker's discussion of safety and criticism of President Obama's foreign relations decisions drew the largest applause from the Oklahoma crowd. He took shots at Obama for calling "ISIS a JV squad, Yemen a success story and Iran a place we can do business with." 

"Once and for all, we need going forward a commander in chief in this country who will tell it like it is," Walker said, "and lay out that radical Islamic terrorism is a threat to us all, and we're going to do something to stop it." 

The guv began his speech with a rundown of his credentials in Wisconsin, discussing changes his administration has made to government and lawsuit regulations. He drew applause from the crowd when he noted his administration defunded Planned Parenthood and other anti-abortion moves. 

"If all those things can happen like a state like Wisconsin, there's no doubt, with the right leadership, not just in state's across the country but in our nation's capital, with the right leadership, we can move America in the right direction," Walker said. 

He said the country needs someone to lower the tax burden, control government regulations and repeal Obamacare. Walker also said it should be America's goal to help people support themselves rather than relying on subsidies. 

"In America, we celebrate our independence from the government," he said, "not our dependence on it." 


 3:36 PM 

Scott Walker 2016 Friday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker talks foreign policy and fighting terrorism at Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker emphasizes 'safety' at event for Republican presidential contenders

- NewsOK: Attendees react to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's speech at SRLC 2015

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker in Oklahoma: End US ban on crude oil exports

- MSNBC: In Oklahoma, Scott Walker wins the day

- AP: Scott Walker promises pre-emptive strikes to prevent attacks on U.S.

- Fox News: John Kasich on why governors should jump into the 2016 race

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Embattled reality show star met this week with Gov. Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee


Thursday, May 21, 2015

 12:52 PM 

Scott Walker 2016 Thursday headline roundup

Likely 2016 presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker picks up the support from the head of an influential super PAC and faces fresh scrutiny over changing issue positions in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.  


- Chicago Sun-Times: Scott Walker picks up backing from Todd Ricketts at Wilmette barbecue

- Business Insider: What you get if you donate $1 million to back presidential candidate Scott Walker

- Newsweek: Scott Walker Courts Congressional Republicans


- Jenna Johnson: Scott Walker: Flip-flopping only happens when you take votes

- Jim Newell: Walker conveniently redefines "flip-flop" to excuse himself from all flip-flopping accusations

- Evan McMurry: Scott Walker Redefines 'Flip Flop' So It Doesn't Apply to Him

- Andy Kroll: The Slow-Mo Scandal That Could Crush Scott Walker's Presidential Hopes


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

 1:26 PM 

Scott Walker 2016 Wednesday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker visits with lawmakers in Washington, D.C., tells CNN he's the "most scrutinized politician in America," and defends his position on immigration in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- AP: Capitol Hill Buzz: House Republicans quiz Scott Walker
- Real Clear Politics: Mike Lee "Impressed" After Meeting Scott Walker

- Breitbart: Republican Lawmakers: Scott Walker Dazzles on Capitol Hill  

- CNN: Walker says he's the 'most scrutinized' politician

- New York Times: Scott Walker Calls Himself ‘the Most Scrutinized Politician in America’

- Washington Times: Scott Walker: I didn’t flip-flop on immigration

- The Hill: Walker defends rightward shift on immigration

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Pro-Scott Walker super PAC spells out perks for $1 million donors

- Fox News: Scott Walker: Different set of rules for Clintons


- Betsy Woodruff: Can Scott Walker Convert the Christian Right?

- Matea Gold: What $1 million will get you from the Scott Walker super PAC

- Eric Owens: Salon Imagines ‘Climate Nightmare’ Featuring Scott Walker And Donald Trump


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

 1:43 PM 

Scott Walker Tuesday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker talks charter schools and vouchers in New Orleans, makes a swing through Washington, D.C., and faces scrutiny at home over a Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation loan that went to one of his donors in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- CNN: Scott Walker hits up Washington

- New Orleans Times-Picayune: Scott Walker touts charters, vouchers in charter-heavy New Orleans Monday

- Washington Post: School voucher proponents pull out boxing gloves, welcome Scott Walker

- AP: Wisconsin Democrats seek probe of Scott Walker over loan

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Records indicate Scott Walker was copied on letter promising loan to donor


- Steve Benen: Scott Walker's 'crash course' isn't producing results

- John McCormick: Why is John Doe Chasing Scott Walker in Wisconsin?

- Alice Ollstein: Conservative Group Fails To End Criminal Probe Into Scott Walker

- Jeff Stein: The climate nightmare we aren't taking seriously enough

- Jennifer Rubin: Can Scott Walker capitalize on Jeb Bush's stumbles?

- Don Huebscher: Supply-siders' plan messed up by need to save

Monday, May 18, 2015

 1:03 PM 

Scott Walker 2016 Monday headline roundup

Gov. Scott Walker visits the Wisconsin GOP state convention, woos Iowa activists and talks foreign policy after returning from Israel in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Wisconsin Radio Network: Walker rallies Wisconsin Republicans at state convention

- Capital Times: Scott Walker in Iowa: Israel trip reinforced need to fight Islamic terrorism overseas

- Capital Times: 'He's magic': Scott Walker's Iowa moment continues with fundraisers, Lincoln Day Dinner

- Des Moines Register: GOP activists party like it's the Iowa Straw Poll

- Des Moines Register: 8 takeaways from Iowa's Lincoln Dinner, its aftermath

- AP: Walker in Iowa calls for aggressive stance against terrorism

- Politico: Scott Walker's Iowa dilemma

- Wisconsin State Journal: Walker: 'Knowing what we know now, we should not have gone into Iraq'

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker seeks to capitalize on Jeb Bush stumble

- WISC: Gov. Walker discusses Israel trip, defends travel

- AP: Walker avoids media scrutiny on Israel 'listening tour'

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: After Israel trip, Scott Walker says region not ready for Palestinian state

- Raw Story: Scott Walker: Visiting six countries makes me 'the most' qualified to be president on foreign policy

- Washington Times: Scott Walker rips Obama's foreign policy

- Capital Times: Scott Walker's foreign policy credentials: 'It's about leadership'

- CBS: Scott Walker promises a "contrast" with Clinton's foreign policy

- Politico: Top McConnell aide joins Scott Walker's political team

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker's political group hires top McConnell aide


- Dan Roberts: Tough crowd in Iowa as GOP 'cattle call' ends with no clear party darling

- John McCormick: Iowa Food Fight: Republican Hopefuls Size Up Clinton--and Each Other

- Scott Keyes: The Surprising Idea That [small govt] Scott Walker Backed In 1998

- Jennifer Rubin: Can Scott Walker capitalize on Jeb Bush's stumbles?

- David Freedlander: Scott Walker's Long History of Dirty Tricks

- John McCormick: Scott Walker Doubles Down on Ronald Reagan Firing Air Traffic Controllers

- Eugene Robinson: A gift basket for Clinton from the GOP


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