Thursday, January 31, 2013

Walker transfers another $40,000 to legal defense fund

Gov. Scott Walker transferred $40,000 from his campaign account to his legal defense fund on the last day of 2012, according to his latest finance report. 
The transfer to the Scott Walker Trust raises new questions about the status of the long-running John Doe investigation in Milwaukee that has ensnared former aides from the guv’s days as county exec.

"The transfer covers work done to cooperate with authorities over the past year," said Walker spokeswoman Nicole Tieman.

Walker has steadfastly insisted he is not a target of the probe. But he announced in March the creation of the legal defense fund to pay two criminal defense attorneys help him review documents and assist in cooperating with the secret probe.

Walker had previously transferred $160,000 from his campaign account to the defense fund, meaning he has now put at least $200,000 into the Scott Walker Trust.

"While Governor Walker is not the subject of investigation, he continues to fully cooperate with authorities as the process comes to conclusion," Tieman said. 

Three former Walker aides have been sentenced in recent months for the charges brought against them stemming from the John Doe probe. That includes Tim Russell, who was sentenced last week to two years in jail and three years supervised release. 

Dems have raised a series of questions about Walker's involvement in the probe.

"Where there is smoke, there is fire," state Dem spokesman Graeme Zielinski said when asked for comment on the transfer.

 -- By Staff