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Friday, July 31, 2015

 12:05 PM 

Walker visits Iowa, to head to Koch brothers event in California

Gov. Scott Walker swings through Iowa and is to head to California this weekend to attend the Freedom Partners’ summer conference in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Des Moines Register: Walker adds stops to Friday Iowa trip

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker set to attend Koch brothers event in California this weekend

- USA Today: Scott Walker had his own email controversy

- Washington Post: Ricketts family gives more than $5 million to Walker super PAC

- Shepherd Express: Walker’s State Campaign Has a National Focus

- Channel 3000: Charles Franklin previews first Republican presidential debate

- Washington Post: Scott Walker, Rick Perry cross paths at Fox News

- WISC: Politics Of Evolution - Scott Walker Faith And Science Compatible


- Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial: GOP debates will be noisy but useful

- Bruce Murphy: Did Bucks Investors Pay Off Walker?

- Betsy Woodruff: Scott Walker’s Big Giveaway to a Hillary Donor

- Dave Zweifel: America's worst governors — including Scott Walker — want to be president

- PolitiFact: 100,000 pro-union protesters were shipped into Wisconsin, Scott Walker says (False)


Thursday, July 30, 2015

 10:47 AM 

Walker trails Trump in new national poll

Gov. Scott Walker trails Donald Trump in a new national poll and Paul Fanlund of the Capital Times looks at emerging anti-Walker themes in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Tampa Bay Times: Donald Trump clear Republican leader in new national poll, ahead of Walker and Bush

- CNN: Poll: GOP top tier breaking away, led by Donald Trump

- CBS: Donald Trump tops latest Quinnipiac poll

- Miami Herald: Quinnipiac poll: Donald Trump surges in GOP, but would lose to Democrats

- Politico: Donald Trump surges, Jeb Bush third in new national poll

- Chicago Sun Times: PPP Poll: Walker leads Illinois

- Connecticut Post: Walker banks $100K for presidential bid in Greenwich

- Capital Times: 'He's on his way out': Panelists discuss effect of Walker's prez bid on WI

- Reuters: There's an awkward contradiction at the center of Scott Walker's presidential campaign

- Washington Post: Scott Walker gets a taste of Philadelphia cheesesteak politics


-  Paul Fanlund: As GOP debates loom, six anti-Scott Walker themes emerge

- Jon Green: Scott Walker’s foreign policy confidant is bad news

- Scott T. Walker:  It's not always easy being Scott Walker


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

 5:11 PM 

Walker sets Sept. 29 special election for 99th AD

Gov. Scott Walker today announced a Sept. 29 special election to fill the soon-to-be-vacant 99th Assembly District.

Rep. Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield, has announced plans to resign the seat Aug. 5 ahead of being sworn in the next day as the new senator representing the 33rd SD. He won that special election July 21.

Walker's executive order calls for the circulation of nomination papers in the 99th AD to begin July 29 and conclude Aug. 4.

A primary, if necessary, would be Sept. 1 with the general election four weeks later.

Republican David Westlake, a small business owner who ran a distant second to Ron Johnson in the 2010 GOP U.S. Senate primary, has already announced he will run for the Assembly seat.

-- By JR Ross

 11:42 AM 

Walker visits Philly for cheesesteaks, courts voters in York, Pa.

Gov. Scott Walker visits rival cheesesteak joints in Philadelphia Tuesday and makes his pitch at a private event in York, Pa., in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker orders up cheesesteak, says Pennsylvania is winnable

- AP: Scott Walker orders American on cheesesteaks, avoiding gaffe

- Business Insider: Protesters disrupted Scott Walker's Philadelphia cheesesteak stop with lewd signs

- New York Times: A Philly Faux Pas by Scott Walker

- Philly.com: Walker visits Pat’s and Geno’s amid protests, bad cheesesteak orders

- Politico: Scott Walker: GOP nominee might not be known until close to convention

- York Daily Record: Walker visits Country Club of York

- York Dispatch: GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker makes his pitch to York Countians

- WBUR: Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina And The 2016 Election

- Wisconsin State Journal: Joe Fadness leaves director post at state GOP, joins Scott Walker's presidential campaign

- The Intercept: Walker Foreign Policy Guru Called for Nuking Muslim Countries

- Fox: Gov. Scott Walker defends record against Trump attack

- Real Clear Politics: Walker Tells Private Group He'll Skip Florida Primary


- John Nichols: Get Ready for Scott Walker and the Ruthless Politics of Walkerism

- Dave Zweifel: Reagan was bad, and Scott Walker would be worse

- Joyce Nelson: Scott Walker & Stephen Harper: A New Bromance

- PolitiFact:  Donald Trump says that under Scott Walker, Wisconsin budget went from projected surplus to a deficit (Mostly False)


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

 11:04 AM 

Walker heads to Philly

Gov. Scott Walker has two stops planned today in Philadelphia.

He will first stop at Pat's King of Steaks before heading to Geno's Steaks. The two are considered rival cheese-steak joints.


 11:02 AM 

Walker in Chicago says Trump using Dem talking points to attack him

Gov. Scott Walker says during a Chicago stop Trump is using Dem talking points to attack him and Walker calls for limiting the EPA in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Bloomberg: Walker Accuses Trump of Using Democratic Talking Points to Attack Him

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker in Illinois dismisses criticisms from Trump

- Chicago Tribune: Walker chomps double cheeseburger, Trump's tweet

- AP: Walker says EPA should be limited 'umbrella organization'

- Wisconsin State Journal: Little need for EPA eyes on pollution, Scott Walker tells newspaper

- Politico: Koch brothers summon Bush, Cruz, Walker, Rubio to SoCal confab

- AlterNet: Latest National Poll Shows Sanders Beating Walker, Trump, Bush

- Fox 17 West Michigan: Trump leads Republican polls, trails behind Clinton and Sanders

- New York Times: Presidential Race Just Started? Not According to the Spending


- Scott Walker:  Clinton fights for special interests; I will fight for your interests

- Jason Nichols:  Scott Walker is the worst, and he has a chance of winning the GOP nomination

- Joel Connelly: Scott Walker’s greatest hits: The union busting Wisconsin governor enters Republican presidential race 

- Valerie Strauss: Is Donald Trump right about what Gov. Scott Walker did to Wisconsin schools?


Monday, July 27, 2015

 1:53 PM 

Trump targets Walker after 'horrible' fundraising email

Gov. Scott Walker maintains his lead in Iowa, the governor announces his presidential campaign leaders and Donald Trump declares "the gloves are off" after a Walker fundraiser calls Trump a "DumbDumb" in an email invite in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Appleton Post-Crescent: Walker names presidential campaign leaders

- NBC: NBC/Marist Polls Show Donald Trump Running Strong in Iowa, NH

- Town Hall: Trump slams Walker as governor leads in early voting Iowa

- National Journal: Trump's Not Slowing Down: He's Up Big in New Hampshire, and Close in Iowa

- The Hill: Trump launches offensive against Walker

- Washington Post: Trump goes on the attack again, with Scott Walker as his latest target

- International Business Times: Donald Trump Blasts Scott Walker For Leaving Wisconsin 'In Turmoil' As New Polls Show Walker Leading Trump In Iowa

- Daily Mail: Now Trump attacks Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for 'doing terribly' with the state's budget

- Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump: I Pay My Own Way, Unlike Bush, Walker or Clinton

- Wall Street Journal: Top Scott Walker Fundraiser Calls Donald Trump 'DumbDumb'

- Wisconsin Radio Network: Trump fires back at Walker in Iowa

- AP: Walker cancels campaigning to attend funeral

- Fox2 St. Louis: Gov. Scott Walker brings presidential campaign to St. Louis

- Amarillo Globe News: Why is the 2016 GOP field so big?

- Real Clear Politics: Scott Walker's Iowa

- Patch.com: Republican Presidential Hopeful Scott Walker Sets Sights on Greenwich

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker's statements not always in line with actions

- Daily Beast: The Walker Slayers Dish: How They Beat Him

- Chicago Tribune: Walker's anti-union crusade pivotal to White House run, devastating to labor

- Washington Examiner: Scott Walker: How I would cut Washington down to size

- CBS: Could North Carolina be Scott Walker's big prize?


- Dan Bice: As Hermening's role in Walker campaign grows, his views draw scrutiny

- Erick Erickson: Where's The Outrage?

- Joe Trenzeluk: What does personality analysis say about Walker?

- John Nichols: For Republicans, the Real Nightmare Is a Third-Party Trump

- Don Huebscher: Property tax report good news for Walker

- Capital Times editorial: Even pro-Walker newspapers are skeptical

- PolitiFact: Scott Walker says under his leadership incomes are up in Wisconsin (Mostly False)


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

 5:21 PM 

Illinois-based PAC starts new TV ad praising Johnson

An Illinois-based PAC started a new TV ad today saying U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson understands paving the way for Iran to get nuclear bombs could be “the most catastrophic decision in human history.”

A spokesman for Restoration PAC said the initial buy was $500,000 and is running on broadcast and cable TV in the Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay markets.

Johnson, R-Oshkosh, faces Russ Feingold next year in one of the most-watched Senate races of 2016, and PAC spokesman Dan Curry said the group chose Wisconsin for the ad because “we thought we’d start there in our efforts to retain the Senate for the Republican Party.”

In the spot, the narrator says the American people “deserve the facts” in dangerous times and says Iran is the No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism, played a role in helping the Sept. 11 attackers, and “radical Islamist leaders have made it clear the worst is yet to come.” The narrator goes on to say Iran is funding terrorism around the globe, including “right here in the U.S..”

“Some of our leaders like Ron Johnson understand that preventing Iran from getting the bomb is essential to our safety,” the narrator says. “Others like President Obama insist on signing a toothless agreement that makes us less safe.”

The 60-second spot closes with the narrator urging viewers to visit the group’s website “to support Johnson and leaders like him who will work to keep America safe.”

-- By JR Ross

 4:17 PM 

Walker adviser upbeat on campaign progress

National campaign manager Rick Wiley, speaking to a WisPolitics.com luncheon at the Madison Club, said Gov. Scott Walker is off to a strong start barely more than a week into his official presidential campaign. Wiley's optimism over his boss' campaign fundraising carried over to where Walker stands in recent national polls.


- WisPolitics.com: Walker campaign manager: Not worried about Bush financial advantage, says guv off to strong start
* Event audio
* Event video

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker campaign manager: Iowa isn't a must-win

- AP: Top adviser says Walker running as a 'uniter,' recall victory shows he can bring people together

- Wall Street Journal: Scott Walker tours N.H. with Scott Brown, moderate ex-GOP senator

- CNN: Scott Walker groups raise $26.2M, land in middle of GOP pack

- Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Ron Johnson downplays Rubio donations, says he will back Walker for president

- The Capital Times: Scott Walker's first presidential ad gets the 'bad lip-reading' treatment

- Huffington Post: Scott Walker has no good answer for kids whose dad could be deported

- Shepherd Express: Scott Walker's inadequate answer on immigration

- New Yorker: Scott Walker's Wisconsin and the end of campaign-finance law


- Dom Giordano: College, who needs it? Not Scott Walker

- Noah Williams: Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin has prospered, keep that in mind for 2016

- Mitch Henck: Will Scott Walker finish term?


 1:02 PM 

Audio, video now available from luncheon with Walker adviser Rick Wiley

Audio and video recordings are now available from the WisPolitics.com luncheon with Rick Wiley, a top presidential campaign adviser to Gov. Scott Walker.

Among other topics, Wiley talked about how Walker's fundraising measures up to his opponents, the Trump factor and Walker's appeal to Hispanic voters.

Watch the video below or click here to listen to the audio (right-click to download)

WisPolitics Luncheon Wiley (7-21-2015) from WisOpinion on Vimeo.

WisPolitics.com President Jeff Mayers interviews Rick Wiley, the former RNC political director and a top adviser to GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who officially declared his presidential bid on July 13.


 10:28 AM 

Walker campaign manager: Not worried about Bush financial advantage, says guv off to strong start

Jeb Bush's $114 million in presidential fundraising dwarfs the $32 million Scott Walker and groups affiliated with him have pulled in, but the guv's national campaign manager said Tuesday the gap is far from intimidating.

Rick Wiley, speaking to a WisPolitics.com luncheon at the Madison Club, said Walker is off to a strong start after barely more than a week into his official presidential campaign.

"This is just the first report," Wiley said. "I mean, we have six more months this year and another three, but, yeah, we hit our goal in the first six months."

Anyway, Wiley told the crowd, it's no surprise Bush has connections through his dad and brother that give him a distinct fundraising advantage.

"And in terms of everyone else and their money, again, there's nothing we can do about that, so we're not really focused on that," Wiley said. "Bush has a lot of money, everyone knows that."

Still, he said, a presidential race depends a lot on raising money, and Walker's campaign will continue to "go where the money is." That approach, though, has to be balanced with hitting the early caucus and primary states, said Wiley, who was the executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party, political director for the Republican National Committee and also worked on Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign.

"You don't raise a lot of money in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina," he said. "You can raise a little in Nevada, but Nevada is more the bigger checks, not the $2,700 checks. That's a big check, don't get me wrong, but it's not a million-dollar check."

Wiley's optimism over his boss' campaign fundraising carried over to where Walker stands in recent national polls. A Washington Post/ABC News poll of Republicans, released Monday, showed Donald Trump in the lead at 24 percent, Walker next at 13 percent and Bush in third at 12 percent.

Wiley said the national polls don't matter as much as the individual races in the states. And Trump, he said, is a household name that gives him an edge when people just are looking for someone they recognize.

"These national polls are purely name ID," Wiley said, "and the fact that Scott Walker, a governor from Wisconsin, is polling as high as he is nationally, I think, bodes well for us."
-- By Chris Thompson


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

 9:18 PM 

Kapenga wins 33rd SD with 72 percent of vote

GOP state Rep. Chris Kapenga pledged to continue looking out for taxpayers as he easily won the open 33rd SD in today's special election.

With all precincts reporting, Kapenga, R-Delafield, had 7,143 votes, or 72 percent, to 2,768, or 27.9 percent for Dem Sherryl Shaddock, according to unofficial returns posted at the Waukesha County Clerk's website.

Kapenga said he was humbled by the win.

"My priority has always been looking out for the taxpayers and the state’s bottom line," Kapenga said. "I look forward to continuing my work on reforming state government and serving the constituents of the 33rd Senate District."

-- By JR Ross

 9:04 PM 

Kapenga on way to easy win in 33rd SD

GOP state Rep. Chris Kapenga is on his way to an easy win for the open 33rd SD.

With 63 of 75 precincts in, Kapenga had 6,383 votes to 2,399 for Dem Sherryl Shaddock, according to unofficial results posted at the Waukesha County Clerk's website.

See the results.

-- By JR Ross

 4:06 PM 

Walker, Bush spar over Iran strategy

After a day in Wisconsin for bill signings and a WEDC board meeting, Gov. Scott Walker's various political entities report raising more than $32 million in the first half of the year. Also, Walker and Jeb Bush take differing stances on dealing with Iran.


- WisPolitics.com: Walker-affiliated groups raise more than $32 million

- Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Scott Walker, groups supporting him report raising $32 million

- Huffington Post: Walker and Bush clash over when to go after Iran -- Day One Or Two

- Politico: Jeb Bush vs. Scott Walker: Round 1 of a long brawl

- Washington Post: Scott Walker: We might have to take military action on Day One

- Politico: Poll: Walker leads in Iowa, followed by Trump

- Des Moines Register: Trump second to Walker in new Iowa survey: Monmouth poll taken before Trump’s McCain-hero remark

- Fox News: GOP presidential hopeful Scott Walker signs abortion ban bill

- Politico: Scott Walker signs Wisconsin abortion bill

- New York Times: Scott Walker proposes shutting Wisconsin ethics board

- NPR: Scott Walker's 'Kohl's Curve,' Explained

- The Daily Beast: Scott Walker’s Many Answers on Gay Rights


- Simon Maloy: Scott Walker’s deranged hawkishness

- Richard Cohen: Is Scott Walker ignorant by choice?

- E.J. Dionne Jr.: The John Kasich vs. Scott Walker debate

- John Nichols: In Scott Walker's Wisconsin, 'Anything Goes' for his rich cronies

- Ira Stoll: What GOP Debate Moderators Should Ask Jeb Bush and Gov. Scott Walker


 6:53 AM 

Walker super PAC raises more than $20 million

A super PAC backing Scott Walker's presidential bid raised more than $20 million, it said this morning.

The PAC, headed by former Walker aides, said it collected donations from nearly 300 donors. 

Unintimidated said its haul was the third most in the last quarter for a super PAC backing a GOP presidential candidate.

Jeb Bush’s super PAC was well ahead of the rest of the GOP pack, pulling in $103 million through June 30 with the former guv’s campaign raising another $11.4 million.

Keith Gilkes, who previously served as a top Walker adviser in state races and now directs Unintimidated, said the haul was impressive because it came before Walker officially announced he’s running for president. Walker got in July 13.

“We are well positioned to tell Governor Walker's story of being unintimidated by special interests and Washington’s government-knows-best mentality -- proving that big, bold ideas can win," Gilkes said.

-- By JR Ross


Monday, July 20, 2015

 11:02 PM 

Walker's state campaign raised $5.9 million in first half of 2015

Gov. Scott Walker's state campaign raised $5.9 million during the first six months of the year, according to his campaign finance report filed late tonight.

The money Walker raised through his state account is separate from the Our American Revival organization he formed earlier this year as he began making moves toward a presidential bid and the super PAC Unintimidated that has been raising money to support his federal campaign.

The state report showed Friends of Scott Walker spent $5.7 million during the first six months of 2015 and still had $483,762 cash on hand.

See his cover sheet.

-- By JR Ross


 3:39 PM 

Three-day trip marks Walker's first visit to Iowa as a presidential candidate

Scott Walker used the weekend for his first Iowa trip as a presidential candidate, making stops in the state on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He discussed a wide range of topics, ranging from immigration to foreign policy to Donald Trump's weekend comments on John McCain.


- Des Moines Register: In Iowa, Walker aims for broad appeal

- Des Moines Register: If elected, Walker plans reversal of Obama's course

- Des Moines Register: Scott Walker wraps up 3-day push through Iowa

- Fox 6: Walker wraps up “Announcement Tour” with remarks in Dubuque, Iowa

- Washington Post: Scott Walker tells undocumented worker that immigrants must follow the law

- ABC News: Scott Walker Confronted by Undocumented Worker During Stop to Childhood Hometown

- JS Online: Scott Walker visits Iowa hometown, gets earful on immigration stance

- Wisconsin State Journal: Return to Plainfield highlights promise, pitfalls of Scott Walker campaign

- AP: Walker’s Iran View Shaped By Friendship With Ex-US Hostage

- CNN: Scott Walker would rip up Iran deal on Day 1

- CNN: Scott Walker: 'I don't know' if being gay a choice

- CNN : Walker pushes back on flip-flop accusations

- NBC News: Scott Walker: Donald Trump 'Needs to Apologize' for McCain Comments

- JS Online: Scott Walker, GOP rivals rip Donald Trump for questioning John McCain's heroism

- The Capital Times: Scott Walker will try to explain Wisconsin's job picture to GOP voters, Rebecca Kleefisch says

- Newsweek: Scott Walker: All You Need To Know


- Jules Witcover: Walker shouldn't crown himself yet

- Eric Zorn: Taking the shine off Scott Walker's PateGate

- Ernst-Ulrich Franzen: Scott Walker isn't Adolf Hitler

- Kimberly Atkins: Scott Walker stumbles may make money run away

- Don Huebscher: Walker needs to get specific

- John Nichols: Walker has not closed the deal with Wisconsin

- Jonathan Bernstein: Scott Walker tests tea party’s seriousness

- Christian Schneider: How John Chisholm's bad bet boosted Gov. Scott Walker

- Emily Mills: Money talks in state Supreme Court's John Doe decision


Friday, July 17, 2015

 3:47 PM 

Iowans still making up their minds on Walker

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Many attendees at Gov. Scott Walker’s rally here today said they like him but have not yet made up their minds on who will get their support.

Those attendees included 12-year-old Madison Phipps, the Junior Miss Scott County, which includes Davenport. Her mother, Paula, said they also have listened to Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio.

“We just feel there needs to be a change,” Paula Phipps said.

The two were accompanied by Miss Scott County Molly McDonnell, 19. She also said she is keeping an open mind about who she will back.

“I haven’t got any opinion right now,” she said. “I’m just gathering all the data.”

Others at the rally said they have been impressed with Walker’s record in Wisconsin, both in elections and in his battle with unions, but they still want to see more. Robert Martin, of Davenport, said he likes Walker but has been disappointed that the guv’s stance on immigration has been in flux rather than firmly in favor of shutting down the border.

“I haven’t made up my mind,” Martin, 75, said. “It’s between Scott Walker and Bush.”

Another 75-year-old Davenport resident, John Moeller, said he was particularly impressed with Walker’s fight with unions. Moeller, who is retired, said he used to work for John Deere and appreciates unions. But he said he also understands Walker’s attempt to reduce the cost of doing business.

Still, Moeller said, he is undecided about who he will back, though Walker is near the top of the list.

“I’ve got a check in my pocket for him,” Moeller said, “but that don’t mean he’s going to get one tomorrow.”

-- By Chris Thompson


 2:47 PM 

Walker makes Iowa debut as presidential candidate

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Scott Walker today greeted Iowa for the first time as a declared presidential candidate.

Walker spoke to about 200 people in a conference room at Modern Woodmen Park, the home field for The Quad Cities River Bandits minor league baseball team on the banks of the Mississippi River. After requesting a moment of silence in honor of the Marines who were shot in Chattanooga, Tenn., yesterday, Walker hit on many topics common to his speeches: expanding the changes he made in Wisconsin to the rest of the country, building the U.S. military and repealing the Affordable Care Act

But he began with something new to those who have listened to his prior speeches in Iowa.

“I’m Scott Walker,” he said. “I’m running for president. And I’m here to have your votes.”

Walker said the Davenport stop is just the start of his campaign’s Iowa focus, which will take him to all 99 counties in the state. He said his message is that America is a can-do country, and his leadership will get the job done.

He used the battle with unions over Act 10 and his focus on reducing property taxes as examples of his leadership. And he drew a loud round of applause when he talked about de-funding Planned Parenthood and passing voter identification legislation.

“In Washington, they can’t seem to get the job done,” he said. “Well, you know what, it’s not too late. Help is on the way. We can turn this country around going forward.”

His plan for that, he said, includes protecting people from threats abroad and measuring success based on how many people no longer depend on the government. He said, if elected president, he would control federal regulations, such as those enforced by the EPA, “that are like a wet blanket on the American economy.”

Walker also said he would adopt an “all of the above energy policy” that starts with “once and for all approving the Keystone pipeline.”

The crowd also jumped in with applause when Walker touched on education. He said his administration reformed public education in Wisconsin, and he wants that for the entire country.

“And I believe in high standards,” Walker said, “but I believe those standards should be set at the local level. No Common Core, no nationwide school board.”

Walker also hit President Obama for his foreign policy stances.

“We had a president who early this year proclaimed that the greatest threat to future generations is climate change,” Walker said to laughter in the audience. “Mr. President, I respectfully disagree. The greatest threat to future generations is radical Islamic terrorism.”

He also said he would “terminate the bad deal with Iran,” stop Russian aggression and put an end to cyber-attacks from China. He said Israel should be recognized as an ally and the United States needs to close its borders.

Those are some of the reasons he’s running for president, Walker said, but his children are at the heart of his campaign.

“I’m going to fight not just for Matt and Alex,” he said, “I’m going to fight for all of your sons and daughters.”

Listen to the speech

Walker arrived at the event in an RV decorated with his presidential campaign colors and logo. Walker is traveling in the RV with his wife and sons along with a few friends.

-- By Chris Thompson


 12:00 PM 

Scott Walker begins Iowa campaign tour

Gov. Scott Walker campaigns in Iowa, with 11 stops planned over three days, in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- WQAD: Scott Walker making 11 Iowa stops in 3 days

- The Guardian: Iowa Republicans get some satisfaction as Scott Walker rolls up like a rock star

- Sun Times: Green Bay Packers fans invade Scott Walker's Iowa rally

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker winds down whirlwind week with Iowa Winnebago tour

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker hits the road on Iowa campaign sweep

- Concord Monitor: Scott Walker calls Clinton a ‘candidate of the past,’ sidesteps question about Trump

- Los Angeles Times: Scott Walker tries to prove he's a national contender for president 

- Politico: The man the 'netroots' love to hate: Scott Walker

- ABC: Scott Walker Endorses the Harley, but Company's Not Endorsing Him

- Washington Post: Scott Walker wants you to know he still loves Harleys

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker says he's not getting bogged down on social issues

- The Isthmus: Walkerland, Gov. Scott Walker rolls the dice with a presidential bid
- St. Louis Today: Sinquefield to host St. Louis fundraiser for presidential candidate Scott Walker

- St. Louis Public Radio: Sinquefield, Kinder hosting fundraising event for presidential candidate Scott Walker

- Capital Times: Is Scott Walker ready for prime time?

- Christian Science Monitor: Boost for Scott Walker as campaign finance probe ends
- International Business Times: Scott Walker Push For Milwaukee Bucks Arena Subsidy Could Benefit His Fundraising Chief

- Fox News: Reshuffling of GOP field, many agree with Trump on immigration


- Betsy Woodruff: Liberals Lose to Scott Walker in Wisconsin Again

-  Phil Waldman:  Scott Walker wants to drug test food stamp recipients. That shows why he’ll never be president

-  Reihan Salam:  Scott Walker, perfect for the GOP

- Michelangelo Signorile: How Scott Walker's Gay-Bashing Blew Up in His Face

- Bruce Murphy: Who is Scott Walker?

- David Haynes: Gov. Scott Walker's run may put hometown political capital at risk

- PolitiFact: Scott Walker more restrictive on abortion than Reagan, other GOP presidents, Tammy Baldwin says (True)


Thursday, July 16, 2015

 11:30 AM 

With John Doe behind him, Walker campaigns in New Hampshire

The Wisconsin Supreme Court stops a John Doe probe into Gov. Scott Walker's recall campaign, Walker continues his campaign blitz after travel delays with two stops in New Hampshire, and more in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Washington Post: Scott Walker clears big legal hurdle in Wisconsin

- AP: Wisconsin top court ends Walker investigation

- Wisconsin State Journal: Supreme Court ends John Doe probe that threatened Scott Walker's presidential bid

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin Supreme Court ends John Doe probe into Scott Walker's campaign

- Boston Herald: Scott Walker hits N.H. for first official 2016 campaign event

- McClatchy: Is Scott Walker paying enough attention to New Hampshire?

- Christian Science Monitor: Why the New Hampshire primary is thriving, despite dire warnings

- Bloomberg: Scott Walker Confronts the Rigors of the Presidential Campaign Trail

- Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Scott Walker blasts Iran nuke deal in Atlanta campaign stop

- ABC: Scott Walker Returns to the McDonalds Where He Once Flipped Burgers and Shows Us How It’s Done

- The Tennessean: Scott Walker to speak at fundraiser in Franklin

- New York Times: Walker Clarifies Remark That Gay Scout Leader Ban ‘Protected Children’

- Christian Science Monitor: Why Scott Walker opposes the Boy Scouts decision to allow gay scout leaders

- Capital Times: Scott Walker backs off on supporting Boy Scouts' ban on gay leaders

- Washington Post: Scott Walker: Boy Scouts should decide if they want gay leaders, not me

- Bloomberg: Santorum Jumps to Right of Cruz, Walker on Same-Sex Marriage Constitutional Amendment

- Mother Jones: Scott Walker Has a Texas-Sized Fundraising Problem

- Fox6 Milwaukee: Invited in, but then asked to leave: Dem Rep. Mandela Barnes talks about experience at Walker event

- The State: Walker on Haley: A ‘great leader,’ but too soon for VP talk

- Capital Times: Scott Walker tells Laura Ingraham he doesn't believe abortion should be between a woman and her doctor

- Des Moines Register: 8 things to watch for at GOP's Family Leadership Summit


- Christian Schneider:  Think Gov. Scott Walker is 'divisive'? Think again

- CMD’s Mary Bottari and Brendan Fischer: The disappearance of John Doe

- Sunnivie Brydum: Who Does Scott Walker Think the Boy Scouts' Gay Ban 'Protected?'

- Windsor Mann:  Scott Walker armed with platitudes, ready for victory

- Richard Grusin: Fear of a Scott Walker presidency

- Aliyah Frumin:  Walker crows about crushing unions as Big Labor prepares to pounce

- Sikivu Hutchinson: Why Prison Warden Scott Walker Must Be Stopped


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

 11:31 AM 

Walker visits South Carolina, bashes Iran nuke deal during Las Vegas stop

Gov. Scott Walker visits South Carolina, bashes the Iran nuclear deal during a stop in Las Vegas and the left seizes on Walker's comment that the Boy Scouts' ban on gay leaders "protected children" in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- The Post and Courier: Scott Walker speaks to a few hundred in North Charleston

- New York Times: Scott Walker, in South Carolina, skirts gun control and flag issues

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker hits campaign trail in Las Vegas, raps Iran deal

- Bloomberg: Scott Walker Seeks to Boost Foreign-Policy Stature

- Politico: New Hampshire waiting for Scott Walker

- Las Vegas Sun: GOP candidate Walker finds support for scrapping Iran deal

- Las Vegas Sun: In Las Vegas speech, Walker extols record as Wisconsin governor

- Wisconsin State Journal: As Scott Walker's presidential campaign hits the road, Las Vegas is the first stop

- Washington Post: Scott Walker: Boy Scouts ban on gay leaders ‘protected children’

- CNN: Scott Walker: Boy Scout ban on gay troop leaders 'protected children'

- AP: Walker: I wouldn't scrap 'lame' minimum wage 

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker: Minimum wage a 'lame idea,' but I wouldn't change federal wage

- Detroit News: Michigan donors help Walker's presidential run

- WEAU: Scott Walker to speak at Michigan GOP conference

- Washington Post: Scott Walker is unbending (and unexcitable)

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker's family takes prominent role in presidential campaign

- Politico: The power players behind Scott Walker's campaign

- Capital Times: Who is Scott Walker talking about when he says 'we are running' for president?


- Charles Pierce: Scott Walker Misunderstands the Iran Nuclear Deal

- Timothy McGrath: Scott Walker has been ‘boning up’ on foreign policy--he’d better keep studying

- Simon Maloy: Scott Walker makes a clown of himself

- Frank Bruni: Haste, Hustle and Scott Walker

- Craig Gilbert: Two issues that weren't in Gov. Walker's announcement speech

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial: The ever divisive Scott Walker

- Josh Kraushaar: Scott Walker Is Overstating His Blue-State Appeal

- Margaret Carlson: Scott Walker enters race as the quieter Donald Trump

- Howard Kurtz: The media say Scott Walker’s campaign has stalled -- are they right?

- Ian Millhiser: The Right-Wing Dog Whistle Buried In Scott Walker’s Announcement Speech

- Jim Newell: Scott Walker’s vile gay bashing

- Ian Millhiser: Scott Walker’s Offensive Claim About Gay Men And Children

- Peter Barca: Walker Is Radical Even Among Republicans

- Dan Bice: Was black lawmaker asked to stand at Walker presidential kickoff because of race?

- John Nichols: Scott Walker Thinks Minimum Wage Is a ‘Lame Idea,’

- Arthur Delaney: Scott Walker Doesn't Care If Food Stamp Drug Testing Is Reasonable


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 2:47 PM 

News media, pundits weigh in on Scott Walker's presidential bid

News media and pundits weigh in as Gov. Scott Walker officially enters the presidential race in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker on presidential run: I can win

- NPR: Vowing To Turn Things Around, Scott Walker Launches Presidential Bid

- Capital Times: In Waukesha, Scott Walker says he loves America, is running for president

- CNN: Walker launches bid with red meat speech

- NPR: Reputation As Conquering Reformer Carries Scott Walker Into 2016 Race

- AP: Walker: 'I will win and fight for you'

- Gannett: Walker vows to 'fight and win for you'

- NBC: Scott Walker Makes 2016 Run Official

- Reuters: Walker enters Republican race, vowing to fight for America

- Washington Times: Scott Walker promises to turn back the clock on taxes to Reagan era

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker makes it official, launches presidential campaign

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker says he has unique story to tell

- Wisconsin State Journal: 'We've supported him all along': Supporters flood Waukesha to back Scott Walker's presidential bid

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: What others are saying about Scott Walker's presidential announcement

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Democratic leaders rip Walker's economic record and 'divisive politics'

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Protesters decry Scott Walker's White House bid

- Chicago Tribune: Entering presidential race, Scott Walker challenges GOP's desire to diversify

- Milwaukee Business Journal: Walker, now presidential candidate, hosts private reception with mega supporters

- ABC: What Scott Walker Would Tell Donald Trump On a Debate Stage

- Fox News: Scott Walker goes inside his plan for America on 'Hannity'

- Ad Week: Sean Hannity Gets Scott Walker For Cable News Exclusive

- Washington Times: Mike Grebe: The senior hand guiding Walker's campaign

- Politicker NJ: Monmouth Poll: Christie's numbers drop, Bush leads, Trump gets a bump

- Des Moines Register: The big question: Can Scott Walker maintain his lead?

- ABC: Scott Walker's Sons and Wife Dish About His Most Embarrassing Habits

- Politico: Rick Santorum: Scott Walker's wife could make him soft on gay marriage

- Wisconsin State Journal: Walker's words: Scott Walker's stand on major issues

- Politico: Eyeglass company jokes: Scott Walker stole our logo

- Newsweek: Scott Walker's Campaign Logo is Strikingly Similar to an Eyeglasses Company's

- ABC: Hillary Clinton Attacks Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in Economic Policy Speech


- Mark Halperin: Walker Exudes Confidence in Campaign Kickoff

- Philip Bump: Scott Walker's jobs record falls short of most of other GOP governors running

- Curtis Houck: Networks Bash Scott Walker on Immigration, Foreign Policy; Push Him to Criticize Trump

- Jonathan Krause: Curb you enthusiasm

- Chris Rochester: Presidential candidate Scott Walker

- Benji Sarlin: 5 things we learned about Scott Walker in 2015

- Collin Roth: 5 times Scott Walker went big and bold and 5 times he didn't

- Joe and Todd Ricketts:  What you need to know about Scott Walker

- Tim Rowland:  Scott Walker: A real nice guy who's not Donald Trump

- Susan Page: Who's a contender? Why Scott Walker is, and Donald Trump isn't

- Brian Beutler:  Scott Walker is the most boring presidential candidate ever

- Chris Rickert: Scott Walker has gotten this high with a little help from his, well, not friends

- John Nichols: Scott Walker's campaigns against unions, wages and weekends

- Stephanie Bloomingdale:  Walker and GOP just took away the weekend

- PolitiFact: Factchecking Scott Walker's presidential announcement

- Jason Joyce: #LogoGate: Did Scott Walker swipe his logo from discount eyewear retailer America's Best?

- Phil Rosenthal: Scott Walker's campaign 'E,' and the America's Best logo vision test


 5:50 PM 

Walker promises to be a 'fighter' as he formally kicks off presidential campaign

WAUKESHA -- Gov. Scott Walker formally kicked off his long-anticipated campaign for the presidency today, promising to take nationwide his battles in Wisconsin fighting unions and other “big-government special interests.”

Walker also pledged to take the fight to those who threaten America’s safety around the globe and to stand up for the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, religious freedoms, and for the “healthy or sick, born or unborn.”

“Americans deserve a president who will fight and win for them,” Walker declared during a rally at the Waukesha County Expo Center.

The line echoed a theme Walker, 47, has used recently to differentiate himself from other GOP contenders in an increasingly crowded field. Though Walker is now the 15th Republican to formally declare a run for the party’s presidential nomination, he has said some in the field have been good fighters but haven't won big battles, while others have won elections but haven't consistently taken on the big issues.

He addressed backers in the same building where he celebrated his June 2012 successful defeat of a recall attempt, an event that propelled him to national political prominence.

The governor reminded the crowd of his efforts to strip public employees in Wisconsin of most of their collective bargaining powers, a move that sparked the attempt to recall him.

And he sought to provide a sharp contrast to President Obama.

He pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act and “out-of-control regulations that are like a wet blanket on the economy.” Walker also promised an “all-of-the-above" energy policy that includes approving the Keystone pipeline. He said he would push “power and money out of Washington and send it to our states and our schools” while lowering taxes.

To underscore his message on taxes, Walker recounted his shopping habits at Kohl’s -- a favorite line on the campaign trail -- but with a twist. As he often does, the governor said the company can thrive while offering customers deep discounts on its merchandise because of the volume it sells. Walker argued the government should take the same approach by broadening the base and increasing the number of people participating in the economy.

Walker said that kind of plan, based on an idea called the Laffer Curve, worked under President Reagan.

“Today, I call it the ‘Kohl's Curve’ because I believe that you can spend your money far better than the government, and when we do, the economy will get a whole lot better,” he said.

Walker also emphasized national security. He recounted as a child tying ribbons around the tree in front of his house during the 444 days 52 Americans were held hostage in Iran. That group included Kevin Hermening, who grew up in Oak Creek and was in attendance.

“Kevin knows that Iran is not a place to do business with,” Walker said, promising to terminate a deal the Obama administration has been working on with Iranian leaders.

Instead, Walker pledged to use “crippling economic sanctions” and to persuade American allies to do the same. He also promised tough actions on Russia and China and to “start treating Israel like an ally.”

“The world must know that there is no greater friend and no worse enemy than the United States of America,” Walker said, prompting chants of "U.S.A!"

See Walker's prepared remarks.

-- By Staff


 5:13 PM 

Walker praised as 'perfect antidote' to Obama, Clinton

WAUKESHA -- Rachel Campos Duffy took aim at presidential candidate Hilary Clinton as she addressed the crowd at Gov. Scott Walker's presidential campaign announcement rally, characterizing the former first lady as out of touch with common voters. She compared the candidates, saying Walker "rides a Harley" while Clinton relies on a personal driver.

"Scott Walker is the perfect antidote to Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama," Campos Duffy said.

Sen. Leah Vukmir, R-Wauwatosa, also took the stage, saying it was a "privilege to watch Scott Walker grow into the leader he is today." She urged supporters of other candidates in the Republican field to throw their support behind Walker.

"History has shown Scott Walker is going places; next stop 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue," Vukmir exclaimed.

She said the governor faced "unhinged wrath" following the passage of Act 10, but did not lose his resolve.

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch also recalled the recall election, saying Walker helped voters regain control. She said the state is better off today than it was when she and the governor took office.

"Like a David to a Goliath, Gov. Scott Walker had your back," Kleefisch told the crowd. "And he will again, America,"

-- By Samantha Nash


 4:12 PM 

Walker's announcement: Setting the scene

Scott Walker's backers have been filing into the Waukesha County Expo Center ahead of this afternoon's announcement.

Large screens are projecting old family photos of Walker and his family, as well as shots of him at campaign events.

It is the same site where Walker celebrated successfully beating back a recall attempt on June 5, 2012.

Wooden paneling has been mounted on large sections of the expo center's wall. Huge silver letters spelling out Walker's name -- with an American flag where the "e" should be -- fill the stage backdrop.

Dozens of reporters from around the state and the country are setting up tripods, recorders, cameras and laptops in anticipation of the event. Buntings drape the circular balconies surrounding the main floor, where a podium, perched at the end of a long blue-carpeted runway leading from the stage, awaits the governor.

Members of the audience on the fringes of the crowd appeared excited for Walker to take the stage, if weary of talking to members of the media at a rally for the governor’s presidential announcement today. The throngs filed past dozens of news outlets, national and local, on the way to an already packed main floor.

Mark Eskritt of Hubertus said he intends to vote for Walker in the GOP primary, and expressed optimism at the governor’s chances of winning the Republican nomination. He said he does not agree with Walker on everything, but can see his point of view on many issues.

“He’s a very good politician,” Eskritt said. “He’s got his eye on the issues, and I think people are going to buy into what he’s saying.”

-- By Kay Nolan and Samantha Nash


 2:43 PM 

Some details on Walker's announcement

The guv's sons Matt and Alex Walker will emcee today's presidential announcement, the campaign said.

Ahead of the event, Scott Walker's campaign released some details of this afternoon's proceedings.
His father, a retired preacher, will deliver the invocation, while Walker's brother and his two daughters will lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Others who will speak at the event include Rachel Campos-Duffy, a former reality TV star, co-host of Fox News' "Outnumbered" and wife of U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy; state Sen. Leah Vukmir of Wauwatosa; Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch; and Wisconsin first lady Tonette Walker.

Walker will speak around 5:15 p.m.

-- By Staff


 2:22 PM 

Dems rip Walker ahead of presidential announcement

PEWAUKEE -- Dem officials today warned Scott Walker’s record in Wisconsin of a lagging economy and a decimated educational system bodes poorly for what his presidency would look like.

Democratic National Committee Vice-Chair RT Rybak, state Chair Martha Laning and state Rep. Mandela Barnes of Milwaukee blasted Walker hours ahead of his official presidential announcement.

“We want Americans to know just how disastrous he would be as a president,” Laning said. "Wisconsin has seen the largest shrinkage of middle class income in the nation, yet here he is today, announcing his candidacy for president of the United States.”

Barnes warned Walker’s plan for workers was to “work harder and make less money,” citing his support of a measure to allow workers to put in a seven-day week and the repeal of prevailing wage laws for local projects.

“I have first-hand experience in the Legislature with Gov. Scott Walker and let me tell you that Gov. Scott Walker does not care about working people. He does not care about our state’s future,” Barnes said. “Scott Walker cares simply about Scott Walker.”

-- By Kay Nolan


 12:18 PM 

Scott Walker on Twitter: I'm running for president

Gov. Scott Walker tweets he's running for president ahead of his official announcement this evening, and analysts weigh in on what Walker needs to do to win in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 'I'm running for president,' Scott Walker announces on Twitter

- ABC: Scott Walker Makes It Official: 'I'm Running for President'

- Channel 3000: False start for Walker after premature Twitter announcement

- Wisconsin State Journal: Political savvy, right timing paved Scott Walker's path to presidential run

- Des Moines Register: Scott Walker jumps into GOP presidential race

- Washington Post: As Scott Walker enters 2016 fray, he feuds with both parties at home

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: The challenges ahead as Gov. Scott Walker kicks off 2016 bid

- Washington Post: The Daily 202: Scott Walker’s challenge

- NBC: First Read: Scott Walker's Big Moment

- New York Times: Scott Walker, Viewed as ‘Authentic,’ Aims for ‘Smart’ in the 2016 Race

-  U.S. News & World Report: Scott Walker's Behind on the Campaign trail

- NPR: Scott Walker Sidles Into A Crowded GOP Presidential Field

- Washington Post: Scott Walker’s primary strategy: Motorcycles, barbecue and a Winnebago

- CNN: Walker's sons not trying to change his mind

- International Business Times: Who Is Tonette Walker? Scott Walker Wife, Wisconsin First Lady, Backs Presidential Hopeful Husband

-  MSNBC: Scott Walker’s sons speak on family differences

-  Capital Times: Scott Walker's family gets in front of the camera as presidential announcement approaches

- CBS: 5 things to know about Scott Walker

- Appleton Post-Crescent: 6 things to know about Scott Walker

- NPR: 5 Things You Should Know About Scott Walker

- Breitbart: Scott Walker Details His Trip to Israel


- Patrick Healy: What Scott Walker Would Need to Do to Win 

- Mark Halperin and John Heilemann: The Definitive H&H Scott Walker Scouting Report

- Jerry Seib: Scott Walker's Assets and Liabilities

- Dante Chinni: A Midwest Advantage for Scott Walker?

- John King: How Scott Walker could go from No. 15 to No. 1

- Jonathan Bernstein: Scott Walker and the Tea Party Test

- Tim Alberta:  Walker Is Running for President. But Who Will He Be?

- Nate Cohn: Scott Walker Had a Great Starting Position but Not a Great Start

- Dan Bice:  Win or lose, Scott Walker's political future in Wisconsin is no sure bet

- Mitch Henck: Scott Walker needs Iowa win


 7:45 AM 

Walker announces in video he's running for president to 'fight and win for the American people'

Gov. Scott Walker announced in a video this morning he is running for president "to fight and win for the American people."

Hours before his formal announcement in Waukesha, Walker's campaign released a video in which the governor portrayed himself as someone who has won three times in four years in a blue state without compromising his principles.

Walker also used a frequent argument he's made recently in trying to separate himself from the rest of the GOP field, saying some have been good fighters, but haven't won "those battles," while others have won elections, but haven't consistently taken on the big issues.

Walker then mentions his Wisconsin wins since 2010, including the failed 2012 attempt to recall him.

"We did it by leading. Now, we need to do the same thing for America," Walker said.

The narrator opens the video saying "for too long, we've been told we have to compromise our principles to win."

But the narrator then goes on to tick off a list of Walker's accomplishments, saying he "beat the special interests" as the video shows scenes from the protests in Madison four years ago during the fight over the governor's collective bargaining changes for public employees.

Walker says in the video "we didn't nibble around the edges" in Wisconsin.

"America needs new, fresh leadership with big, bold ideas from outside of Washington," Walker says, later adding, "We enacted big, bold reforms that took power out of the big government special interests and put it in the hands of taxpayers."

-- By JR Ross


Friday, July 10, 2015

 2:18 PM 

Scott Walker adds Grebe, Cubs' Ricketts to presidential campaign team

Gov. Scott Walker adds to his campaign team and lawmakers send a 20-week abortion ban to his desk in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Chicago Sun Times: Cubs' Todd Ricketts to co-chair Scott Walker's fundraising effort

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Grebe to serve as head of Scott Walker's presidential campaign

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker plans to sign 20-week abortion ban

- Newsmax: Scott Walker Set to Ban Late-Term Abortions in Wisc.

- Los Angeles Times: Cramming for the campaign exam, Scott Walker bones up on foreign policy

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker will launch 2016 bid from hottest of GOP hotbeds

- Politico: Insiders say Scott Walker is dominant in Iowa

- Weekly Standard: Walker Readies Himself as the Candidate of the Mainstream Conservative Movement

- Business Insider: One of Wall Street's most political billionaires just passed on Scott Walker

- Al Jazeera: Walker's war with unions a likely boon for fundraising in GOP race

- Wisconsin Gazette: Wisconsinites to rally against Walker as he announces presidential bid 

- Bloomberg: Watch How Well This Scott Walker Ad Syncs with the Batman Trailer


- Irin Carmon: Scott Walker gets the abortion ban he asked for

- Alice Ollstein: Scott Walker Prepares To Sign Budget That Eliminates The Living Wage And Prevailing Wage

- Sean Sullivan and Jenna Johnson: Why Scott Walker keeps dropping Marco Rubio's name as VP

- Robert Schlesinger: Bad polls, big egos: Scott Walker and other GOP governors are disliked and running for president

- Eleanor Clift: Scott Walker Gets Schooled by His Neighbor


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