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Monday, August 31, 2015

 3:24 PM 

Walker says a U.S.-Canada border wall a 'legitimate issue'

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: Walker said it's a 'legitimate issue' whether to build a U.S.-Canada border wall, and Walker looks to regain momentum.


- CNN: Scott Walker: U.S.-Canada wall a 'legitimate' idea

- Duluth News: Scott Walker: Wall between U.S. and Canada a 'legitimate' idea: in NBC interview

- AP: Walker says wall along Canadian border worth reviewing

- CBS: Build a U.S.-Canada border wall? Scott Walker isn't ruling it out

- Boston.com: Scott Walker: Building a US-Canada border wall is 'a legitimate issue'

- The Guardian: Scott Walker says building Canada border wall is a 'legitimate issue'

- Slate: Scott Walker: Building a Wall Along Canadian Border is a 'Legitimate Issue 

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker on 'Meet the Press' talks border walls, Iran, MPS, Bucks arena

- Chicago Sun-Times: Scott Walker: If I win Iowa, Packers will win Super Bowl

- Washington Post: What happened to Scott Walker?

- Blue Nation Review: Scott Walker on the Trail: Can He Recover Lost Momentum?  

- Boston Hearald: Walker looks to Iowa to regain momentum

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Center sours on Scott Walker; support drops among independents, outstate voters

- Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Trump blazes to lead; Carson quietly rises

- Des Moines Register: Iowa Poll: Clinton leads, but Sanders draws near

- Yahoo!: Walker: More Iraq combat, but no more boots on ground, yet

- Capital Times: Muslim advocate: Scott Walker is 'enabling ISIS' with 'radical Islam' rhetoric

- Washington Times: Scott Walker, GOP presidential candidate, vows to 'unleash' U.S. military on terrorists

- Wisconsin Radio Network: Walker Told Reporter He Would Not Specifically Meet With BLM Representatives

- Newsplex: Scott Walker Talks Gun Control: in Albemarle Co., VA

- CNN: Scott Walker defends Ted Cruz after Boehner 'jackass' comment

- WKOW-Madison: State must pay OT to Walker's security team retroactive to May 2013

- AP: Wisconsin DOT to provide back pay for Scott Walker's security team

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker got an earful from voters, including Republicans, on proposed records changes

- Wisconsin Radio Network: U.S. Rep. Duffy doubtful Trump will be GOP nominee


- Taylor Millard: Scott Walker: A wall on the northern border might be nice

- Paul Fanlund: The incredible shrinking candidacy of Scott Walker

- John Nichols: Could Walker get trumped in Wisconsin?


Friday, August 28, 2015

 12:18 PM 

Walker outlines aggressive stance on China, Russia, ISIS

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: Gov. Scott Walker outlines his foreign policy approach and Trump continues to lead in the polls.


- CNN: Scott Walker: I'm tested enough for the world stage

- AP: Scott Walker says he would aggressively confront Islamic terrorism

- Politico: The Republicans' Red Scare

- New York Times: The 2016 China-Bashing Race

- The Post and Courier: GOP hopefuls Scott Walker, Marco Rubio stumping on Charleston on Friday

- International Business Times: Election 2016: Scott Walker Promises Tougher Foreign Policy Stance On ISIS, Russia And China

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker to outline aggressive foreign policy in Citadel speech

- Washington Examiner: A first look at Scott Walker's major foreign policy address

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker: Hillary Clinton is wrong on gun control after TV shooting

- CNN: Donald Trump trounces GOP field, Biden leads general election match-ups

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker's weaknesses, challenges show as GOP race heats up

- Quad City Times: Walker talks with potential voters in Iowa

- Des Moines Register: Subtle shifts for Scott Walker as he campaigns in Iowa
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker says he didn't chastise Chinese president in 2013 meeting


- Zack Beauchamp: Scott Walker is trying to be the GOP primary’s hawkiest hawk

- Bruce Murphy:  How Walker Wasted Pricey Legal Help

- Shepherd Express: Scott Walker Proposes Another Disastrous Health Care ‘Reform’


 12:39 AM 

Walker to declare radical Islamic terrorists 'pure evil,' say he's been tested like no one else in prez race

Gov. Scott Walker will tell cadets at The Citadel today they deserve a commander-in-chief who tells them the truth, declaring the country is at war with radical Islamic terrorism.

Walker has regularly slammed President Obama, saying he refuses to acknowledge the threat of radical Islamic terrorists. According to excerpts of his prepared remarks released ahead of the speech, Walker will say the war will not go away overnight and those groups will continue to grow unless the U.S. destroys them.

"Yes, the world is complex, but some things are simple: there is good and there is evil,” Walker plans to say. "America is a force for good in the world. Radical Islamic terrorists are agents of pure evil.”
Walker has also regularly criticized the nuclear deal the Obama administration reached with Iran, pledging to reject it on his first day in office if elected president.

Walker will again criticize the deal, saying Iran will expand its influence in the region and increase support to Hamas and Hezbollah. But Obama and Hillary Clinton believe “they can sit on the sidelines, hoping Iran will defeat ISIS for them.

"Over the last seven years, we have seen far too much of this delusion and wishful thinking,” Walker will say. “To believe that a stable and lasting Middle East can be built by working with Iran, any more than by working with ISIS, isn’t statesmanship. It’s pure fantasy.”

Walker, who has faced questions over his foreign policy experience, will also say “now is not the time for untested leadership” and declare he has been tested “like no other candidate in this race.”
"As president, I will send the following message: the retreat is over,” Walker will say. “American leadership is back and, together with our allies, we will not surrender another inch of ground to terrorists or any other power that threatens our safety.”

See more excerpts from Walker’s prepared remarks.

-- By Staff


Thursday, August 27, 2015

 12:12 PM 

Walker defends trade relationship with China

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: Gov. Scott Walker defends his position on China during a visit to Iowa, and Walker prepares to deliver a speech on foreign policy Friday in South Carolina.


- Capital Times: In light of Scott Walker's China comments, aides defend Wisconsin's trade relationship

- Des Moines Register: In Iowa, Walker defends position on China

- Washington Post: The Daily 202: Did Scott Walker go too far by embracing Trumpism on China? 

- AP: Scott Walker talks tough on China while campaigning in Iowa

- Capital Times: Scott Walker to deliver foreign policy address in South Carolina

- Time: Scott Walker Fights Back by Campaigning More Like Donald Trump

- WISC-Madison: Reality Check: Walker's position shifts on birthright citizenship

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Not apologizing, but Gwen Moore stepping back a bit from Scott Walker 'noose' comment

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker pushes term limits but broke pledge as county executive

- Wall Street Journal: State Contractors Aid Governors' Campaigns


- Jules Witcover: Are Walker's efforts in Iowa being Trumped?

- Daniel Riemer: Scott Walker's unhelpful new health care proposal

- Melanie Schmitz: Scott Walker Is Not A 'Washington Outsider'

- PolitiFact: Scott Walker's Obamacare replacement is a 'new entitlement' for every American, says Bobby Jindal (Half True)


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

 1:49 PM 

Moore says she won't apologize for 'tightening the noose' comment about Walker

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: Democratic U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore says she won't apologize for saying Scott Walker's polices are "tightening the noose" around black people, commentators say Walker has become more Trump-like in recent weeks and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says the governor's presidential campaign is "stuck in neutral."


- The Hill: Moore: No apology for 'noose' remark about Scott Walker

- Washington Post: As Scott Walker criticizes China, he could see repercussions in Iowa

- NBC: Scott Walker's terrible, very bad, no good month continues

- WKOW Madison: Trump spars with Univision anchor, takes shots at Scott Walker in visit to Dubuque

- Washington Times: Scott Walker's birthright comments damage image among Hispanics, ex-Bush official says

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Sheriff David Clarke: Scott Walker campaign 'stuck in neutral,' needs shakeup

- ABC: How Scott Walker's Bargain Hunting at Kohl's Informs His Economic Policy

- Wall Street Journal: A Top Walker Fundraiser Meets With Trump


- Jenna Johnson: 6 ways Scott Walker has become more Trumpy

- Jim Newell: Scott Walker and Jeb Bush Try Trumpism: Unsurprisingly, They Just Look Like Dopes

- Betsy Woodruff: Scott Walker's Secret Love for Red China

- Peter Suderman: Scott Walker, Crony Capitalist

- Jamelle Bouie: Is Walker Tim Pawlenty 2.0?

- Matt Pommer: Will 'Walkercare' stir controversy?


 10:24 AM 

Walker praised Chinese president after 2013 trade trip

Gov. Scott Walker was full of praise for Chinese President Xi Jinping back in April 2013, when the guv held a press conference in Milwaukee upon his return from a trade visit to China.

Walker called the Chinese president "very personable" and stressed the importance of in-person meetings between American government officials like himself and top Chinese leaders like Jinping.

At the time, Walker took credit for solidifying trade deals between Wisconsin companies and China, thanks to his meeting with Xi in person.

Walker earlier this week called on President Obama to cancel a visit to the U.S. by the Chinese president and show some "backbone" in relations with China.

But in April 2013, Walker -- wearing a lapel pin in the shape of the state of Wisconsin, criss-crossed with an American flag and a Chinese flag -- showed reporters slides of his trip to China. That trip included a meeting that he and two other GOP governors -- Terry Branstad of Iowa and Bob McDonnell of Virginia -- had with Xi.

"We were very impressed with the president. He's very personable and a bunch different than maybe people's image of leaders of China from the past," said Walker, who described the meeting with Xi as key to developing trade relations.

At the 2013 press conference, Walker said, "It's incredibly important for Wisconsin to have a presence in China," and talked of visiting Wisconsin factories and retail outlets in China, including those operated by Harley-Davidson and Ashley Furniture.

Asked if he could see himself going back to China, Walker answered yes.

"I'll probably be back there every year, year and a half."

Listen to audio from the press conference

-- By Kay Nolan
For WisPolitics.com


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

 12:49 PM 

Walker calls on Obama to cancel Chinese president's visit

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: Gov. Scott Walker calls on Obama to cancel the Chinese president's visit, U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee, says Walker policies are "tightening the noose" on black people, and Walker adds a Virginia strategist to his team.


- Politico: Scott Walker to Barack Obama: Cancel Chinese state visit

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker: President Obama should cancel Chinese president's U.S. trip

- Capital Times: Scott Walker calls on Obama to show 'some backbone,' cancel Chinese president's visit

- Sheboygan Press: Walker to Obama: Cancel Chinese state visit

- Time: Scott Walker Calls on Obama to Cancel Chinese State Visit

- CNN: Scott Walker: Cancel Chinese president's White House visit

- Chicago Tribune: Scott Walker: Obama should show 'some backbone' by canceling Chinese state visit

- Christian Science Monitor: Scott Walker demands Obama show China 'backbone’

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker's policies 'tightening the noose' on black people, Gwen Moore says

- The Hill: Dem: Scott Walker 'tightening the noose, literally' around blacks

- Politico: Scott Walker adds Virginia strategist

- PilotOnline.com: Scott Walker to speak at Family Foundation gala Nov. 14 in Virginia

- CBS: Scott Walker: What does he stand for?


- Betsy Woodruff: Scott Walker Is Two-Faced on China

- Joshua Keating: Scott Walker Calls for Obama to Cancel Chinese President's State Visit

- Jason Linkins: Scott Walker Wants Everyone To Know That He's Mad At China
- Katie Pavlich: Democrat Congresswoman Insinuates Scott Walker is Literally Lynching African Americans in Wisconsin

- Jack Jenkins: Why Scott Walker Owes The World’s 1.6 Billion Muslims An Apology

- Dana Milbank:  Scott Walker falls flat on his face

- Josh Voorhees: Scott Walker Didn’t Flip-Flop on Birthright Citizenship. He Did Something Worse.

- Betsy Woodruff: Scott Walker: Anti-Immigrant Phony
- Paul Mulshine: Donald Trump's dig at Scott Walker could apply to Chris Christie as well

- Latanya Williams: Why I followed Scott Walker to Iowa, and what I learned

- Kaili Joy Gray: No, Scott Walker, You Cannot Write For Wonkette

- Matt Pommer: Rejecting federal money costs Wisconsin, helps Walker

- Capital Times editorial:  75 percent of Wisconsin Republicans aren't backing Scott Walker

- PolitiFact: Rachel Maddow says under Scott Walker middle class in Wisconsin is shrinking fastest among states (False)

- PolitiFact: In Context: Scott Walker and 'birthright citizenship'


Monday, August 24, 2015

 12:24 PM 

Walker now says he doesn’t back repealing birthright citizenship

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: Gov. Scott Walker says he doesn't support eliminating birthright citizenship from the Constitution, and Walker makes a southern swing before planning another visit to Iowa.


- Washington Post: On birthright citizenship, Scott Walker takes yet another stance: Don’t change the Constitution

- Capital Times: Reince Priebus: Having Donald Trump in the race a 'net positive' for GOP

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Two Midwest GOP governors with very different presidential campaigns

- Wisconsin State Journal: In presidential debate on immigration, Scott Walker struggles to find his voice

- ABC: Scott Walker Says He’s Not Seeking to Repeal 14th Amendment

- FOX News: Walker appears to take third stance in seven days on birthright citizenship issue

- CNBC: Scott Walker talks birthright citizenship

- CNN: Scott Walker on birthright citizenship: 3 positions, 7 days

- Politico: Scott Walker doesn’t support repealing birthright citizenship

- Fiscal Times: Scott Walker Adjusts His Immigration Stance. Again

- Alabama.com: Scott Walker boasts 'solid conservative' credentials in Alabama

- The Tennessean: Scott Walker says South is important to his campaign

- Breitbart: Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Scott Walker Highlight Faith and Freedom BBQ in South Carolina

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Reasonable Muslims? 'A handful,' Walker says

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker lets 'handful of reasonable' Muslims remark stand

- AP: Walker's health plan hinges on a tricky subsidy rollback

- CNN: Walker stumbles through Black Lives Matter question

- Wisconsin State Journal: To counter Donald Trump, Scott Walker refocuses campaign on passion, policy

- Capital Times: Scott Walker follows Donald Trump on ABC, acknowledges 'real frustration' with politicians

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: GOP leaders dispute Scott Walker's account of union battle

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker backs bill to block federal money for Planned Parenthood

- Des Moines Register: Scott Walker plans seven western Iowa stops

- Des Moines Register: 20 memorable political moments at Iowa State Fair


- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial: Gov. Scott Walker: Wrong again on immigration

- Sam Stein: Walker Completes The Journey Back To Not Repealing The 14th Amendment

- Chris Rickert: Walker needs new story to illustrate Act 10 'reform'

- Esther Yu-Hsi Lee: Scott Walker On Meeting With Black Lives Matter: ‘Who Knows Who That Is?’

- Lou Dubose: The Email Trail That Proves Scott Walker’s Collusion


Friday, August 21, 2015

 12:34 PM 

Walker faces falling approval rating in Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker faces a falling approval rating at home and continues his campaign swing through New Hampshire in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Wisconsin State Journal: Marquette Poll: Scott Walker's approval level at home drops below 40 percent

- Capital Times: Scott Walker's approval dips below 40 percent in Wisconsin in latest Marquette poll

- AP: Poll: Walker leads GOP foes, trails Clinton in Wisconsin

- Politic: Scott Walker losing support in Wisconsin?

- WISC Madison: Gov. Walker approval ratings hit all-time low, still leads GOP pack in Wisconsin

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: With numbers down, Walker adds bite to New Hampshire message

- WMUR Manchester: Scott Walker speaks at Politics and Eggs event
- AP: Scott Walker is now feeling "urgency" to take on GOP field

- Wall Street Journal: Scott Walker’s Immigration Shift Is His Latest Tack to Right

- Politico: Rick Santorum rips Ted Cruz, Scott Walker as soft on immigration

- Al Jazeera America: Walker’s rise fueled by confrontations with liberal institutions

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker backs bill to block federal money for Planned Parenthood

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker's chief of staff leaving governor's office


- Stephen Kruiser: Contrary to Media Wishes, Scott Walker isn’t Giving Up Yet

- Howard Gleckman: Scott Walker's Replacement For The ACA Would Leave Many Uninsured

- Casey Quinlan: Here’s What Scott Walker’s Go-To Thinker On Education Says About Him

- Valerie Strauss: There he goes again: Gov. Scott Walker keeps talking about a teacher who asked him to stop


Thursday, August 20, 2015

 2:01 PM 

Walker talks education reform in New Hampshire

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: Walker talks education reform in New Hampshire and he vows to get more aggressive in highlighting differences between him and other GOP candidates.


- Concord Monitor: GOP candidates put school reform on center stage during New Hampshire Education Summit

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker ignores wishes of teacher who asked him to stop telling her story

- Concord Monitor: Inside and outside, candidates and teacher union members trade barbs at education summit

- AP: Scott Walker touts union clashes at New Hampshire forum

- Fosters.com: Scott Walker talks reform in Barrington

- AP: Feeling sense of 'urgency,' Walker says he'll get aggressive

- WiscNews: One of Scott Walker's educational role models doesn't agree with him on everything

- New Hampshire Union Leader: Walker tabs three as NH co-chairs

- New Hampshire Union Leader: Walker draws both the curious and the enthusiastic in Derry

- New York Times: Momentum Slipping Away in IA, Walker Adopts a Trump-Like Stance

- Wisconsin State Journal: Medicaid, private health coverage less likely for the poor under Scott Walker's plan


- Jennifer Rubin: Scott Walker goes wobbly

- Christian Schneider: To win, Gov. Scott Walker should sell conservatism first

- Jack Jenkins: The Evangelical’s Dilemma: How Scott Walker’s Faith Is Frustrating The Christian Right


 12:49 PM 

Marquette poll: Feingold-Johnson Senate race tightens

The expected U.S. Senate race between Republican Ron Johnson and Dem Russ Feingold tightened in a new Marquette University Law School Poll.

Feingold was backed by 47 percent of respondents, while Johnson was supported by 42 percent.

In the April Marquette poll, Feingold's lead was 54-38.

Since then, Feingold's favorable rating has dropped slightly, while Johnson, who's now been in office for more than four years, continues to be largely unknown among voters.

Feingold was viewed favorably by 42 percent of respondents, while 30 percent had an unfavorable view of him. Twenty-seven percent had no opinion. In April, Feingold’s split was 47-26.

Johnson was viewed favorably by 30 percent of registered voters, while 31 percent had an unfavorable view of him. Thirty-eight percent had no opinion. In April, his split was 32-29.

The poll of 802 registered voters was conducted Aug. 13-15 using live interviews over land lines and cell phones. The margin of error for the full sample was plus or minus 4.3 percentage points.

-- By JR Ross

 12:42 PM 

Marquette poll: Walker lead among Wisconsin Republicans dips, Clinton support slips

Gov. Scott Walker's support among Wisconsin Republicans for the presidential nomination has slipped since April, according to a new Marquette University Law School poll.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton's support for the Dem nomination has also dipped.

On the GOP side, Walker was backed by 25 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning registered voters, while Ben Carson was next at 13 percent, Donald Trump at 9 percent and Ted Cruz at 8 percent. Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina were tied at 7 percent apiece.

In April, Walker was backed by 40 percent of Republicans, while Rand Paul was at 10 percent, Jeb Bush at 8 percent, and Cruz and Chris Christie were at 6 percent apiece.

In the Dem race, Clinton was backed by 44 percent of Dems and Dem-leaning registered voters, while 32 percent supported Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden, who has not announced for the race, was at 12.

In April, Clinton was supported by 58 percent of Dems, while Elizabeth Warren was at 14 and Biden at 12. Warren passed on a run, while Sanders had not yet announced his bid ahead of the April poll and was not included.

In hypothetical head-to-head match ups, Clinton continued to lead the Republicans she was pitted against.

Forty-seven percent of registered voters backed Clinton, while 42 percent supported Bush. She led Walker 52-42, Cruz 50-38 and Trump 51-35.

In April, Clinton led Bush 49-38, Walker 52-40 and Cruz 52-36.

The new poll of 802 registered voters was conducted Aug. 13-15 using live interviews over land lines and cell phones. The margin of error for the full sample was plus or minus 4.3 percentage points. For the GOP primary questions, there were 334 people interviewed with a margin of error of plus or minus 6.6 percent points. On the Dem side, 396 were interviewed with a margin of error of plus or minus 6.1 percentage points.

- By JR Ross


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

 2:28 PM 

Scott Walker's health care plan draws praise, criticism

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: reaction to Walker's health care plan, Trump remains in the lead and Walker takes aim at Washington.


- CNN: Walker's health care plan: Repeal Obamacare, replace it with conservative alternative

- Wall Street Journal: Scott Walker Unveils Health-Care Plan

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker: I will repeal Obamacare on Day 1 of presidency

- Bloomberg: Scott Walker's Obamacare Replacement Plan Is Popular With Republicans—But Can It Work?

- Minnesota Public Radio: Walker says his health plan puts families 'back in charge'

- Northland News: Walker talks about Obamacare

- Reuters: Walker proposes health tax credits by age, not income

- Huffington Post: Bobby Jindal Blasts Scott Walker's Health Plan As Too Liberal

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker unveils health care plan, emphasizing Obamacare repeal

- Twin Cities Pioneer Press: Scott Walker, in Twin Cities, offers health plan with tax credits

- Politico: Walker campaign screens reporters' questions

- CNN: Post-debate, Trump pulls clear of competition

- NBC: A Rough Summer for Onetime GOP Frontrunners

- Washington Post: Donald Trump and Scott Walker want to repeal birthright citizenship. It’s nearly impossible  

- Christian Science Monitor: Scott Walker immigration flip shows how Trump is reshaping 2016 race

- Washington Post: Fading in the polls, Scott Walker aims to attract Trump voters

- Los Angeles Times: Scott Walker sides with Trump on immigration and offers alternative to Obamacare

- Daily Mail: Scott Walker says he also wants to build a wall along the U.S. border like Israel's West Bank barrier

- Wisconsin State Journal: In the season of political outsiders, Scott Walker seeks his niche

- New York Times: Scott Walker to Increase Attacks on Washington

- CNN: Facing Trump surge, Walker adopts harder anti-Washington edge

- Capital Times: With Scott Walker in Minnesota, MinnPost writes that most in Wisconsin pay more in taxes


- Scott Walker: Get DC out of our health care

- David A. Fahrenthold and Jenna Johnson: Republicans’ Obamacare ‘repeal and replace’ dilemma joins presidential contest

- Michael Hiltzik: Walker's healthcare plan is perfect, if you want almost no insurance at all

- Philip Elliott: Scott Walker’s Obamacare Replacement Sounds Familiar

- Paul Waldman: What Scott Walker and Marco Rubio don't want you to know about their health care plans

- Charles Pierce:  Scott Walker's Lies at the Fairgrounds

- Capital Times editorial: Scott Walker and Ron Johnson are shameless — and shameful — on the Iran deal


 8:28 AM 

Johnson, Feingold spar over campaign financing

The Feingold and Johnson campaigns traded jabs Tuesday over the Dem's decision to forgo a past pledge to raise most of his money from Wisconsin.

Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson's campaign also knocked former Dem U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold for reports that he collected more than $100,000 in speaking fees between February 2012 and June 2013 after leaving the Senate.

Feingold last week said the political environment has changed since his past pledge to raise the majority of his campaign money from Wisconsin because of the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

Republicans have pointed out Feingold had a similar pledge in place for the 2010 election, which took place after the ruling was handed down.

But Feingold's campaign pointed out the promise was made before the decision, which the campaign argued did not affect the 2010 races as much as it has the past two cycles.

"Grassroots donors from around the country deserve the opportunity to push back against the flood of corporate money in a post Citizens United world, which is what they're doing in this campaign," Tom Russell, Feingold's campaign manager, said in a statement from the campaign.

Republicans also have knocked Feingold for collecting speaking fees.

But Feingold's campaign disputed the charge, saying he would not accept fees if elected.

"Russ has always had serious concerns about the influence of corporate money in government," Russell said in the campaign statement. "In an effort to curb that influence, Russ consistently opposed sitting public officials accepting honoraria during the course of their active service."

Dems meanwhile have been pushing Johnson to sign a pledge Feingold issued meant to keep outside money from influencing their race next fall.

The national Club for Growth, for example, has said it will spend $2.5 million on the Feingold-Johnson race.

Johnson's campaign, though, said Feingold needs to "clean up his own house."

"Senator Feingold's hypocrisy knows no bounds -- he should consider coming clean instead of distorting Ron's record of fighting for Wisconsin families," Brian Reisinger, Johnson's spokesman, wrote in an email.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

 12:14 PM 

Walker health care plan features tax credits, Medicaid changes

Gov. Scott Walker unveils his health care plan in Minnesota today, takes on hecklers in Iowa and says his immigration plan in similar to Donald Trump's in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- U.S. News and World Report: GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker offers health plan with tax credits, Medicaid overhaul

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker to unveil health care plan, emphasizing Obamacare repeal

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker unveils plan to replace Obamacare

- Fox6 Milwaukee: Walker unveils plan for replacing Obama health care law

- Northland News: Presidential candidate Scott Walker crosses border to reveal plan to repeal Obamacare
- Chicago Tribune: Scott Walker proposes tax credits to replace Obamacare

- Politico: Walker gets out front with Obamacare replacement plan

- Politico: Scott Walker to blast GOP leaders in Washington in Minneapolis speech

- Minneapolis Star Tribune: Walker to campaign in Twin Cities

- Wall Street Journal: Scott Walker Unveils Health-Care Plan
- NBC: Scott Walker Takes On Protesters at Iowa State Fair

- Capital Times: 7 takeaways from Scott Walker's trip to the Iowa State Fair

- U.S. News and World Report: Protesters Give Walker a Needed Energy Boost

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Protests follow Scott Walker on campaign trail

- Des Moines Register: Protesters confront Scott Walker at Iowa State Fair

- CBS: Scott Walker mixes it up with hecklers in Iowa

- Capital Times: Scott Walker to protesters in Iowa: 'I am not intimidated by you'

- Wisconsin Public Radio: Walker Spars With Protester During Iowa Fair Speech

- CNN: Scott Walker heckled by union protesters at Iowa soapbox

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker finds familiar foil in confrontation with protesters at Iowa State Fair

- New York Times: Walker Is Heckled in Iowa State Fair Appearance

- WTMJ Milwaukee: Scott Walker takes on hecklers at Iowa State Fair: 'I am not intimidated'

- Real Clear Poltics: Scott Walker vs. Hecklers At Iowa State Fair: 'I Won't Be Intimidated By You Sir'

- Time: Walker Hones Attacks on GOP Rivals at Iowa State Fair

- Bloomberg: Scott Walker Being Trumped by The Donald in Crucial State of Iowa

- New York Times: As Scott Walker Struggles in Iowa, His Campaign Reaches Out to a Strategist

- Wall Street Journal: Walker Lashes Out at Republicans in Washington

- The Blaze: Glenn Beck Says Gov. Scott Walker ‘Just Made News’ With Big Admission About GOP on His Radio Show

- Washington Post: Scott Walker: The U.S. should ‘absolutely’ stop granting birthright citizenship

- Bloomberg: Scott Walker Says His Immigration Plan Is 'Very Similar' To Trump's

- Politico: Scott Walker: Donald Trump and I have similar immigration policy proposals

- Reuters: Scott Walker is starting to sound a lot like Donald Trump

- Minneapolis Star Tribune: Trump divides GOP anew, calls for end to birthright citizenship, make Mexico pay for fence

- CNN: Poll: GOP establishment candidates falling

- International Business Times: Presidential Poll 2016: Bernie Sanders Beats Clinton In Iowa State Fair; Trump, Carson Lead Republicans

- Capital Times: Scott Walker's track record: Conference champion in relay, regional champion as individual


- Chris Rickert: Scott Walker's reason for running do him their latest favor at Iowa State Fair

- Shane Goldmacher: How Scott Walker Plans to Win Back Donald Trump Supporters
- Chris Cillizza: This is the best 27 seconds of Scott Walker’s presidential campaign so far
- Robert Kraig: Scott Walker’s foreign policy a threat to world peace

- John Nichols: Response to pressure gives us the measure of candidates

- Igor Bobic: Walker Wants To Build A Wall On The U.S.-Mexico Border


Monday, August 17, 2015

 1:44 PM 

Walker strives to regain ground in Iowa

Gov Scott Walker works to regain ground in Iowa, and nutrition and fitness on the campaign trail in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Politico: Scott Walker struggles for the Iowa prize

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker hoping Monday's Iowa State Fair visit rekindles campaign

- Newsmax: Scott Walker Being Trumped by The Donald In Crucial State Of Iowa
- Washington Post: How to replicate Scott Walker’s eat-your-way-around-America diet

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Trump says Scott Walker faces 'tremendous dissension' in Wisconsin

- ABC: 2016 Campaign: Donald Trump's Chopper vs. Scott Walker's Camper

- Washington Post: Iowa State Fair fare fits Scott Walker’s calorie-heavy, all-American diet

- AP: 2016 hopefuls hit the gym, try to skip pie on campaign trail

- Channel 3000: Walker to lay out health care plan in Minnesota speech

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker touts state tax cuts in run for president

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Protests follow Scott Walker on campaign trail

- Capital Times: Up or down, Scott Walker processes polls with track analogies

- Al Jazeera America: Flagging Wisconsin – and Harley – economy dogs Scott Walker in 2016 race

- Breitbart: Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker Slam Jerry Brown over Drought


- Harry Enten: The Post-Debate Losers (Walker) and Winners (Fiorina)

- Simon Maloy: Scott Walker can’t be serious: He’s about to expose his own con on healthcare!

- Joe Concha: Lacking Oxygen and Charisma, Scott Walker Quickly Goes from Frontrunner to Afterthought

- Kavitha Davidson: Scott Walker’s misguided stadium deal

- Howard Gleckman: Why did Scott Walker commit $400 million for an NBA arena?  


Friday, August 14, 2015

 4:04 PM 

Walker plans busy week of campaign travels

Gov. Scott Walker has a busy week of presidential campaign travels ahead.

Walker is to campaign in Nevada Saturday and Iowa on Monday.

On Tuesday, Walker will unveil his proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act during a speech in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center.

And Walker begins a three-day tour of New Hampshire Wednesday.

Walker's campaign said the New Hampshire visit is part of "an aggressive play" to win the state. Walker has slipped in New Hampshire polls recently, and some local activists have questioned his commitment to the state.

Walker will begin the New Hampshire swing Wednesday with a speech to the New Hampshire Education Summit in Londonderry before a town hall in Barrington and a house party in Derry.

On Thursday, he has another town hall in Ashland, and on Friday, he will participate in a Politics & Eggs event at the St. Anselm College Institute of Politics.


 3:56 PM 

Walker to announce Affordable Care Act alternative Tuesday in Minnesota

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: Gov. Scott Walker plans to announce his Affordable Care Act alternative Tuesday in Minnesota, Walker discusses border security with Breitbart News and more.


- Minneapolis Star Tribune: In Brooklyn Center speech, Walker to unveil Obamacare alternative

- The Hill: Walker teases ObamaCare replacement

- Wisconsin Radio Network: Walker to unveil Obamacare alternative in Minnesota

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker says position papers on key issues coming soon

- KOLO Reno: Presidential Candidate Scott Walker Campaigning in Reno Saturday

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker: Iran deal is like leaving boys unattended in rooms with girls

- Breitbart: Scott Walker Lays Out Plan To Secure Border, Stop Immigration Insanity In New Interview

- Capital Times: Hillary Clinton, Scott Walker trade jabs over college affordability, student loan debt

- Chicago Tribune: Walker offers self as alternative to Trump to suburban GOP
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Months later, still no final costs for Scott Walker's trips abroad

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Despite court-ordered halt to John Doe probe, maneuvering goes on


- Scott Walker: We Don’t Like Obamacare, and We Don’t Have to Keep It

- Danielle Douglas-Gabriel: Scott Walker’s real record on higher education in Wisconsin

- Jennifer Rubin: Scott Walker flounders

- Steven Salzberg: Scott Walker Takes $250 Million From U. Wisconsin, Gives $250M To Billionaire Sports Team Owners


Thursday, August 13, 2015

 12:26 PM 

Scott Walker takes flack from conservatives, liberals over Bucks arena funding

In today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup: Gov. Scott Walker draws criticism from the left and the right over signing the Buck's arena financing package, analysts comment on Walker's drop in Iowa polls, and Walker knocks Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server for government business.


- Bloomberg: Scott Walker’s $400 Million Arena Subsidy Belies His Tightfisted Image

- Washington Post: Scott Walker approves spending $250 million on Milwaukee Bucks arena

- AP: Scott Walker says he would never use language Donald Trump does

- New York Times: Scott Walker Approves Public Funding of Basketball Arena

- CNN: CNN/ORC Poll: Trump tops in Iowa as Scott Walker drops

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker falls from top perch in latest Iowa polls

- Wisconsin State Journal: Polls show Scott Walker is no longer the Iowa front-runner

- Politico: Hillary Clinton campaign mounts counter-attack over email scandal

- Fox6 Milwaukee: Scott Walker: New revelations about Hillary Clinton’s emails show she can’t be trusted as president

- Chicago Sun Times: Illinois House GOP Leader Jim Durkin to back Scott Walker

- Michigan Live: DeVos donations boost Jeb Bush, Scott Walker in early presidential fundraising race

- Bloomberg: Why Harley-Davidson May Not Be the Perfect Ride for Scott Walker

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker noncommittal on support for fetal tissue research ban


- Jordan Weissmann: Scott Walker Cut $250 Million From Wisconsin Colleges. Now He’s Blowing $250 Million on a Basketball Arena.

- Travis Waldron: Scott Walker Signs Arena Deal, Handing $400 Million To Billionaire NBA Owners

- Paul Fanlund: Not the campaign Scott Walker envisioned

- Christian Schneider: Trump won't be the nominee: Want to bet?

- Napp Nazworth: Who's Really Leading the Presidential Race?

- Newsmachete: Why Scott Walker has dropped to third in Iowa

- William Galston: The Five Plausible GOP Candidates


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

 11:54 AM 

Walker dismisses poll numbers showing Trump leading in Iowa

Gov. Scott Walker brushes off poll numbers showing him behind Trump in Iowa, and Walker and Hillary Clinton trade barbs in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Fox 6 Milwaukee: Polls show Scott Walker no longer #1 among Iowa voters, but he says: 'Election is not until next November'

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Post-debate, Donald Trump still leading Scott Walker and others in Iowa 

- Politico: Donald Trump leads post-debate Iowa poll

- CNN: Polls: GOP debate reshapes the field

- Boston Herald: Field nipping at Donald’s heels

- CNN: Walker pivots from Clinton, knocks back on Trump
- NBC: Scott Walker: Clinton Camp Rhetoric "Divides Us"
- The Guardian: Hillary Clinton attacks Scott Walker for his 'delight' over education funding cuts

- Bloomberg: Hillary Clinton Says Scott Walker Seemed Delighted to Cut Higher Ed

- Huffington Post: Hillary Clinton Goes After Scott Walker On Education Cuts

- Boston Herald: Clinton's math doesn’t add up for Walker
- The Hill: Poll finds Clinton losing to four Republican candidates in Iowa

- Wall Street Journal: Club for Growth PAC Blesses Five GOP Candidates

- Newsweek: CNN, Nancy Reagan Invite 16 of 17 Republican Presidential Candidates to Sept. 16 Debates

- La Crosse Tribune: Wisconsin presidential debates fuel local excitement

- Washington Times: Scott Walker greenlights $250 million in taxpayer funds for NBA arena, angers fiscal conservatives

- Breitbart: Cato: Bobby Jindal Only Gov. Running for President Who Cut State Spending

- WKOW Madison: Are Walker protesters hurting or helping his 2016 chances?


- Jon Gabriel:  Scott Walker and a ‘Return to Normalcy’

- Dave Zweifel:  Wisconsinites are on to Scott Walker's tall tales

- Robert Kraig:  Scott Walker's warmongering would make the world more dangerous

- PolitiFact: Meme claims Scott Walker 'was asked to leave Marquette University for cheating' (False)


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

 12:27 PM 

Walker compares Trump's campaign to 'car accident'

Gov. Scott Walker compares Donald Trump's campaign to a "car accident," Hillary Clinton targets Walker over his comments on race, and pundits focus on the politics of abortion in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker: Donald Trump campaign is 'like watching a car accident' 

- NBC: Donald Trump Still in the Lead After Debates

- Breitbart:  Teflon Don: Trump at 32 Percent in New Post-Debate Poll

-  Huffington Post: New NBC Poll Shakes Up GOP Race

- Raw Story: Scott Walker: Focusing on ‘racial discord’ after shootings of blacks only creates more of it

- Greenville Online: Clinton campaign hits Scott Walker over SC remarks on race

- CNN: After GOP debate, Scott Walker refocuses on Hillary Clinton

- Northland News: Rubio, Paul, and Walker assembling campaigns in Minnesota

- Bloomberg: Scott Walker’s $400 Million Arena Subsidy Belies His Tightfisted Image

- Capital Times: Following Scott Walker: A timeline of the governor's out-of-state trips

- The Advocate: Walker says he 'wouldn't change' the military's current ban on transgender service members


- Jonathan Allen: Republicans took a big political risk on abortion in the Fox debate

- Kevin Drum: I Still Don't Know What Scott Walker Was Talking About on Abortion

- Scott Lemieux: Anti-abortion hysteria: the new norm for Republican presidential candidates

- Brian Murphy: Meet ALEC's (Hoped For) Man in Washington: Scott Walker

- Steve Benen: Walker refers voters to non-existent information

-  Josh Voorhees: It’s Time to Stop Writing Donald Trump’s Political Obituary
- Kaitlan Collins: Scott Walker’s Remarkably Bad Instagram


 12:17 PM 

PPP poll: Walker trailing Trump in Iowa

Gov. Scott Walker's support among Iowa Republicans continued to slip in the latest survey from the Dem firm Public Policy Polling, though his favorability rating remains strong. 

Donald Trump, who has been under fire since Thursday's GOP debate for comments he made about Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly, led the field at 19 percent. 

Walker and Ben Carson were next at 12 percent while Jeb Bush was at 11 percent and Carly Fiorina was at 10 percent. 

Forty-six percent of Republicans had a favorable impression of Trump, while 40 percent had an unfavorable one. In April, PPP found his split was 40-40. 

Walker, who was backed by 23 percent of Republicans in PPP's poll four months ago, had a favorability split of 63-17. 

PPP surveyed 619 usual Republican primary voters Thursday through Sunday. That margin of error was plus or minus 3.9 percentage points. 

See more from the poll: 


Monday, August 10, 2015

 2:40 PM 

Walker says he can win at Atlanta RedState Gathering

Gov. Scott Walker speaks at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta and Walker says he wants to stay focused on Hillary Clinton instead of criticizing other GOP candidates in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Atlanta Journal Constitution: Scott Walker tells RedState he is the 'name from the future' for GOP

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker tells RedState Gathering he can win in 2016

- The Hill: Walker: Hillary's foreign policy is 'mush'

- USA Today: Walker: I can win in a blue state

- GoUpstate.com: Walker visits Spartanburg and Gaffney, S.C.

- CBS: No criticism of Trump's "fat pigs" comment from Walker

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Recall fueled Walker's rise, but opponents have few regrets

- Politico: The GOP debate: 7 takeaways

- Washington Post: Daily 202: Hugh Hewitt picked Kasich and Walker as 'co-winners'

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker defends his criticism of Clinton secret email system

- Omaha World-Herald: Meet the Candidates: Scott Walker says he won't back down from a fight

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker calls abortion to save a woman's life a 'false choice'

- Appleton Post-Crescent: Is Iowa a must-win for Walker?


- Christopher Monckton: Why Scott Walker must be our next president

- David Frum: Scott Walker and Jeb Bush Have a Rough Night

- Igor Bobic: Scott Walker: Don't Focus On 'Racial Discord' Or You'll Only Create More


Friday, August 7, 2015

 3:30 PM 

Walker names three state chairs; media react to GOP debate

Gov. Scott Walker has named three state chairs for his presidential campaign and reporters and pundits react to Thursday's GOP debate in today's Walker Watch 2016 headline roundup.


- Minneapolis Star Tribune: Daudt signs on with Scott Walker for President

- Minnesota Public Radio: Daudt to chair Walker’s Minnesota campaign

- Associate Press: GOP's House Speaker Daudt picks Walker in presidential race 
- Atlanta Journal Constitution: Scott Walker puts Doug Collins at the top of his Georgia campaign

- Washington Post: Scott Walker taps Obenshain to lead presidential campaign in Virginia

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Scott Walker sticks to script, delivers safe, quiet performance

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Gloves come off at times during first GOP debate

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker casts himself as "aggressively normal" in first debate, stays clear of GOP squabbling

- Wisconsin State Journal: Checking Scott Walker's GOP debate statements

- Appleton Post-Crescent: Walker takes on Clinton at first GOP debate

- Capital Times: Scott Walker saves his punches for Hillary Clinton in first GOP debate

- Breitbart: Scott Walker: We Should Be Talking About Hillary Clinton’s Worldwide Record of Failure

- ThinkProgress: Scott Walker Says In GOP Debate He Doesn’t Support Abortion If A Woman’s Life Is At Risk

- U.S. News & World Report: Trump ends debate with 'We can't do anything right,' pledges to fix the country

- Reuters: Trump centre of attention in feisty first Republican debate

- Capital Times: Local Democrats gather to watch Scott Walker in presidential debate

- ProPublica: Could Scott Walker's Legal Victory Expand PAC Superpowers?

- Capital Times: Scott Walker supporters in bottom tier for grammar mistakes, says proofreading company

- Cleveland.com: Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker to visit Slyman's

- Wisconsin State Journal: Scott Walker touts state fair, is quiet about debate and court document


- Ryan Grim: Establishment Candidates Walker, Bush Stumble In GOP Debate

- Ben Mathis-Lilley: Scott Walker Made a Pretty Decent Joke About Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

- Julia Craven: Walker Fumbles On America's Race Issue

- Kathie Obradovich: Several winners in GOP debate

- Lauren Barbato: Scott Walker’s Quote On Abortion Rights During The GOP Debate Shows He’s Willing To Put Pregnant Women At Risk

- Heather Taylor-Miesle: Is Scott Walker Running for President or for BFF* With the Koch Brothers?

- Jennifer Rubin:  If Scott Walker wins, it will be because ...

- PolitiFact:  Scott Walker left women with 'nowhere to turn' by defunding Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton says (Half True)

- Betsy Woodruff: New Document Shows Scott Walker Was Targeted in Criminal Investigation 


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