Friday, April 8, 2016

Gallagher says he raised $520,000 in bid for 8th CD

Republican Mike Gallagher announced today he’s raised $520,000 in his bid for the 8th CD and will finish the first quarter of 2016 with more than $500,000 cash on hand.

Gallagher’s campaign said it was the best first-quarter fundraising haul for a first-time House candidate in Wisconsin. His campaign also said it has yet to find any first-time candidates nationally who weren't self-funders but still managed to raise as much in their first quarter after getting into a race.

The campaign said the vast majority of the donations came from individuals, with only $2,500 in PAC contributions. Gallagher did not put any of his own money into the campaign.

By comparison, outgoing U.S. Rep. Reid Ribble, R-Sherwood, raised $130,690 in his first fundraising period of 2009 ahead of his successful 2010 run to unseat then-Dem U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen. Ribble’s best haul in any quarter of that campaign was $338,749, according to numbers posted at the FEC website.

Kagen, meanwhile, raised $326,476 in the third quarter of 2005 as he mounted a run for the seat, though $250,000 was a personal loan. He raised just more than $1 million in the following quarter, his best of the campaign, though most of that again came out of his own pocket.

-- By JR Ross